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#BidenMustGo Campaign Takes Off as Sickened Americans Speak Out on Afghanistan Tragedies

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It’s been a terrible and shameful week for the American people.

President Joe Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan troop withdrawal has been terrible from the start. Just days before the Taliban took over the capital of Kabul, Biden promised we wouldn’t see the same situation that we’d seen decades ago in Saigon.

Turns out, this was exactly what we saw as helicopters rescued personnel from the U.S. embassy in a chillingly similar fashion to what was done as Vietnam fell in 1975.

Biden has claimed that the “buck stops” with him, and yet he’s blamed everyone but his own administration for the horrific crisis.

Meanwhile, when told by a reporter this week that Americans largely supported the withdrawal but disapproved of his leadership amid the chaotic evacuation, Biden simply laughed.

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I guess this was all he could do upon learning that a majority of Americans now consider him unfit and incompetent for the job.

Then, on Thursday, two terrorist blasts killed the most U.S. service members in a single day since 2011 — 13 in total. It also resulted in the deaths of dozens of innocent Afghans.

Many have directly accused Biden of having blood on his hands for the horrific attack, which was reportedly carried out by the Islamic State, Khorasan Province, or ISIS-K, near the Kabul airport. The airport was supposed to be under U.S. control, yet has increasingly appeared to be managed by the Taliban.

By the weekend, #BidenMustGo was trending on Twitter, and we can certainly see why.

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Whether it was Biden’s ineptitude at addressing the American public in the wake of the sobering attack or the failures that resulted in the senseless and unnecessary loss of American and Afghan lives on Thursday, it is clear that millions of angry patriots agree that, indeed, Biden must go.

“#BidensCatastrophe will be taught in every military academy for centuries. In every country. It will go down in history as one of the greatest military calamities ever perpetrated by a politician,” actor and conservative powerhouse James Woods wrote, adding the hashtag #BidenMustGo.

He included a video from a news conference held by infuriated House Republican leaders who detailed the weaponry now in the Taliban’s hands thanks to the failures of the Biden administration.

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“We now know that due to the negligence of this administration, the Taliban now has access to over $85 billion worth of American military equipment,” Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana said in the clip.

“That includes 75,000 vehicles, over 200 airplanes and helicopters, over 600,000 small arms and light weapons. The Taliban now has more Black Hawk helicopters than 85 percent of the countries in the world. But they don’t just have weapons. They also have night-vision goggles, body armor, medical supplies.”

Conservative media personality Gina Loudon, also known as Dr. Gina, retweeted Woods’ post, writing, “Please. He can’t even read the teleprompter. People are DYING!! And DC swamp is too sociopathological to do anything ethical. Special place in Hell…,” along with the trending hashtag.

Other angry Americans sounded off in similar fashion about our humiliating and incompetent president, remembering the lives lost and endangered, and placing the blame for the crisis and attack squarely on Biden’s shoulders.

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Isa grew up in San Francisco, where she was briefly a far-left socialist before finding Jesus and her husband in Hawaii. She now homeschools their two boys and freelances in the Ozarks.
Isa grew up in San Francisco, where she was briefly a far-left socialist before finding Jesus and her husband in Hawaii. She now homeschools their two boys and freelances in the Ozarks.