Biden's Delaware Summer House Gets $455K Upgrade Billed to the US Taxpayer


The left wants us all to believe walls are racist and only divide us.

That is, as long as those walls are keeping migrants from cutting in line and entering the country illegally. If a wall is used to protect the elites, it magically loses its racism.

President Joe Biden himself is putting this exact sort of hypocrisy on full display.

The New York Post reported on Friday that the Department of Homeland Security is spending a whopping $455,000 to build a security fence around the president’s “Summer White House” in Delaware.

Americans are struggling with inflation caused by Biden’s rampant spending. Supply chain issues and rising prices are putting a dent in their wallets. Now, taxpayers will have to fork over $455,000 for this fence.

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At least the president will be kept safe from any illegal intruders.

Americans living near the southern border aren’t quite as fortunate.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Kinney County, Texas.

The area is a prime destination for illegal crossings. Locals have been faced with “a relentless stream of illegal aliens traversing their property, cutting fences, breaking into their homes, and threatening them,” according to The Epoch Times.

Is Joe Biden a hypocrite?

Despite this stunning reality, Biden remains steadfast in his refusal to crack down on illegal immigration.

In fact, the federal government’s inaction has been so disastrous that volunteers have been called on to fill in the gap.

Sam Hall, founder and president of a militia group called Patriots for America, announced on Tuesday that he will be sending roughly 100 men to Kinney to “operate as a deterrent in areas of high traffic,” according to the Times.

Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe is also putting together a team of volunteers to tackle Biden’s border crisis.

“As far as taking it into our own hands … we didn’t have much a choice,” Coe said.

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“The Border Patrol was completely overwhelmed at the time. Thousands of people coming, just turning themselves in, that wanted to get caught, created this problem.”

All because Biden and his friends on the left think walls are racist.

Just not the $455,000 one protecting his summer home.

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