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Biker Fights Raging Fire Using Garden Hose After Homeowner Left Burning Weeds Unattended


When you’re out for a drive, minding your own business, and see something suspicious, do you get involved?

It’s the kind of thing we wonder about, but really the only way to know for certain is to find ourselves in such a situation and see what we do.

For one biker named Seth Fuller, who goes by the name Citrus Elmo, it was second nature to rush into the fray and get involved.

Fuller runs a vlog where he promises to provide interesting, motorcycle-related content.

“Hey Everyone!!!” his “About” page reads. “We are very excited to begin our new journey here on YouTube and look forward to interacting with all of you!!!”

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“Our channel will consist of Motorcycle videos that include Close Calls, Awesome Wheelies, Rage Moments, and Police Interactions as well as reactions from people when they see our Elmo Helmets! Lets build this channel together and get some awesome footage!!”

And on Oct. 1, the vlogger certainly delivered on that promise.

“Crazy footage of a home almost burning down and me having to take charge of the situation!” he posted. “It got so hot that it started to melt my body armor!”

“Fox News will be airing this video as well! It happened all because of an unattended fire that was used to burn some weeds when its 94 degrees outside and dry as a bone due to lack of rain!!”

The video shows Fuller riding down the street toward a column of smoke. It’s his own neighborhood, and he hurries toward the scene, yelling at people to call for backup.

He knocks on the front door and asks a neighbor if there are children or other people in the home before walking around the side and commandeering a neighbor’s garden hose to try to douse the flames lapping against the wood plank fence.

After two bystanders get garden hoses trained on the blaze, the biker rushed into the backyard to see a charred section of grass, a wooden deck blazing away and the homeowner calmly standing in his yard and spraying at the flames.

The biker takes the hose from the owner and, dancing around the fiery center, aims the stream of water at the burning deck.

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Apparently, the owner explained that he’d been burning weeds and thought the fire had been completely put out. The fire in his backyard determined that that had not been the case.

The fire department arrived, though no one seems to be in a rush once they’re on-scene. Some commenters on the YouTube video have suggested that after assessing the fire and seeing that it was away from the house, the fire department wasn’t rushing because it was a small, somewhat contained fire.

Others lambasted the department and praised Fuller for picking up the slack and actually seeming to care, while yet others chided him for getting in the firefighters’ way.

Regardless, many have hailed the biker a hero for his quick involvement, including the neighbors who saw what had happened.

“I talked to you right after it all happened, I live across the backyard of that house,” wrote one person by the name of Bryan Fowler on YouTube. “Appreciate all you did my friend.”

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