Bill Barr Opens Up About 'Seditious' Russia Collusion Hoax


In a long-form interview with BlazeTV host Glenn Beck on his eponymous podcast, former U.S. Attorney General William Barr offered up his perception of the Hillary Clinton campaign’s “seditious” Russia collusion hoax against former President Donald Trump during — and after — the 2016 election. The episode premiered on May 28.

“The whole Russiagate thing was a grave injustice. It appears to be a dirty political trick that was used first to hobble him [Trump] and then potentially to drive him from office,” Barr said.

Beck explained that he didn’t want to use the word “treason” to describe the hoax, but asked Barr if it could be considered “at least seditious.”

“I believe it is seditious, yes,” the former attorney general replied. “And whether that can be proved in court as a crime is one issue, but I think people are now coming to see what actually happened. It was a gross injustice.”

“And it hurt the United States in many ways, including what we’re seeing in Ukraine these days. It distorted our foreign policy and so forth.”

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Beck asked Barr if he had really wanted the attorney general position. He told Beck he did not. He explained he’d been easing into retirement, but that he feared that the U.S. was “heading into a constitutional crisis.”

“The President was not getting his due as president. He was entitled, having won the election, to implement his administration and they had him on the ropes. And a lot of people — the regular bar, the lions of the bar — were not stepping forward.”

(Note: The highlights of their discussion can be viewed in the first clip. The full interview can be watched in the second video.)


The interview came as jurors began deliberations in the trial of former Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann who is accused of lying to the FBI about whom he was representing when he provided then-FBI top lawyer James Baker with data and white papers which alleged that then-candidate Donald Trump had covert ties to the Kremlin-linked Alfa Bank, during a September 2016 meeting.

The reality was that he was working on behalf of the Clinton campaign and “Tech Executive-1,” who, according to The Washington Examiner, is “known to be former Neustar executive Rodney Joffe.”

During the first week of the trial, explosive testimony from 2016 Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook definitively tied Hillary Clinton to the Trump-Russia collusion hoax for the first time. Mook admitted that Clinton herself gave the go-ahead to alert the media to their bogus allegations about Trump.

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Although special counsel John Durham’s team obtained a text message from Sussmann stating that he was providing this information to the FBI as a concerned citizen and the team claims to have proof that Sussmann billed the Clinton campaign for his time on the date of the meeting, a conviction in the case is far from guaranteed.

Given the liberal composition of the Washington, D.C., jury and the presiding judge’s obvious left-leaning bias, Durham’s team faces an uphill battle.

Beck and Barr discussed the role of “the system” in preventing the prosecution of individuals who perpetrated the hoax against Trump. Beck said, “It leads us to think the whole system is absolutely rigged against us.”

“I do think there is a degree to which the system had a double standard and still has a double standard and is rigged against Republicans,” Barr said.

Beck explained that he doesn’t want his side to receive special treatment, he just wants “the truth.”

Barr responded, “There are parts of the Department of Justice that I think have a double standard and they will pursue Republicans where….”

Beck cut him off to say, “I don’t trust the FBI. I’ve never been that way.”

Barr replied, “Well, I didn’t trust Comey and his crowd that were running the FBI and I do think the FBI … has some issues that need to be addressed, but I don’t think it’s thoroughly corrupt.”

At any rate, deliberations were scheduled to resume on Tuesday morning in the Sussmann trial and we should hear a verdict in the next couple of days. Although Durham presented a strong case against Sussmann, no one would be surprised if he is ultimately acquitted.

Because, as the former attorney general said, the system is rigged.

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