Bill Forcing Public Universities To Offer Abortion Medication Passes California Senate


The California Legislature has passed a bill that would force public universities in the state to provide abortion pills to students, The Sacramento Bee reported.

The state Senate passed the bill Sept. 13, and it now awaits Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature.

Although the pills wouldn’t necessarily be free to students, the fact that they would be provided by publicly funded entities means taxpayer dollars would be going toward enabling college students to kill their unborn children.

The bill itself is infuriating, but it’s worth reading to understand exactly what we’re up against.

“Abortion care is a constitutional right and an integral part of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care,” part of it reads, getting off to a pretty terrible start.

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Abortion is not a constitutional right. It has come to be defined as a right out of the “penumbras” of the 14th Amendment that demonstrated a “right to privacy.” A penumbra, definitively, is an extremely faint outer portion of a shadow, which should tell you all you need to know about how convoluted the constitutionality of abortion is.

For the record, the Supreme Court also found slavery and segregation constitutional in landmark cases. Supreme Court justices are human and are therefore prone to bias and error. Their word is not gospel.

The second, more euphemistic part of that statement in the bill lumps child-killing in with health care. This is obviously ridiculous, especially when you consider that abortion is the exact opposite of “reproductive health care.”

It’s explicitly anti-reproductive, and anything that by design results in death can hardly be considered healthy.

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Moving on, the bill estimates the number of women enrolled in public universities in California at 400,000, as if that matters at all. The abortion debate has largely been classified as a man-vs.-woman issue, which is woefully untrue.

According to the Pew Research Center, men and women have almost the exact same views on abortion. Thirty-eight percent of men and 38 percent of women believe it should be illegal in all or most cases. In fact, a higher percentage of men believe it should generally be legal.

It’s inaccurate to frame the issue as women fighting for their rights against a horde of old, angry white men, yet that’s what the left insists on doing.

However, that’s not even the most egregious justification for the bill.

“When pregnant young people decide that abortion is the best option for them, having early, accessible care can help them stay on track to achieve their educational and other aspirational life plans,” it says.

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This is despicable. Deciding whether an unborn child is a human life should not be based on one’s convenience or the likelihood of achieving her “life plans.” Yet we see this all the time.

Colloquially, pregnant women, even those who support abortion, typically refer to their baby as exactly that. If they want the child, it’s a baby, and if they don’t, they call it something else. Then it becomes a fetus, or even worse, “pregnancy tissue.”

This type of language is rather telling. Determining whether a living being is killed based on how you feel about it is shockingly evil. Imagine stretching this definition out to adults.

What if your teacher is inhibiting your educational attainment, or your boss is blocking your professional progress? We would be up in arms if someone used that excuse to justify killing such a person, but that is exactly what this bill is doing.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that there’s much to be done about it in the short term. Newsom voiced his opposition to former Gov. Jerry Brown’s veto on a similar bill in 2018.

“I would have supported that. I have long supported that,” he told the San Francisco Chronicle at the time. “I subscribe to Planned Parenthood and NARAL’s position on that.”

That being said, we can’t lose sight of the long term. Defending the lives of the most innocent and vulnerable among us is a fight worth fighting, and one day even California will shudder at the thought of what it used to be.

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Cade graduated Lyon College with a BA in Political Science in 2019, and has since acted as an assignment editor with The Western Journal. He is a Christian first, conservative second.
Cade graduated Lyon College with a BA in Political Science in 2019, and has since acted as an assignment editor with The Western Journal. He is a Christian first, conservative second.
BA Political Science, Lyon College (2019)