Bill Gates Plays 'Price Is Right' on ELLEN, Crowd Roars After He Guesses Price for Pizza Rolls


He is well known for his incredible intelligence and is a billionaire. He and his wife have a charitable foundation that gives aid in areas such as poverty, hunger and health care.

Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, could easily be thought of as serious and unapproachable. However, he did a fun-filled interview that showed a humorous side to the “geek.”

When Gates stopped by “The Ellen Show” for the first time, it wasn’t all tech talk. Ellen did a “The Price is Right” type segment with Gates titled “Bill’s Grocery Bills.”

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Gates needed to guess, within one dollar, the correct price of common grocery store purchases for at least three of the five products so the audience could win a prize.

It became very obvious very quickly that, as Gates admitted, it’s been a long time since he’s been to a grocery store.

The first item up was commonly known as “The San Francisco Treat.” Gates took one look at the Rice-a-Roni and guessed five dollars, much to the shock of the audience. The actual price was listed as $1, to which Gates humorously replied he’d “take five.”

His guesses didn’t improve as the millionaire faced off against the pricing for Tide Pods, for which he quickly guessed $4, possibly thinking he was making up for guessing too high on the Rice-a-Roni. At the audience’s urging he went higher, to $10, but it was not high enough. The $19.97 price tag led him to frugally decide he’d only “take a half” at that price.

Things were not looking good for the audience’s prize win, but Gates felt confident with the third item, which was dental floss. His $4 guess shocked Ellen and pleased the audience when the $3.78 actual price was revealed.

The fourth item was a large, 120-count bag of frozen Totino’s pizza rolls. His immediate guess of $22 alarmed Ellen and caused a wave of laughter through the audience.

As Ellen frantically gestured “lower” and the audience shouted at him, Gates lowered his guess first to $15 and then to $8. The actual price was $8.98 so he didn’t have to “run for his car” quite yet.

When it came to the final item of “branded” frozen spinach and artichoke dip, Gates seemed doubtful that the T.G.I.Friday’s product would be priced at less than $10, but upon the insistence of Ellen and the audience, he guessed “lower than five” at $4 and won a prize for the audience when the actual price was revealed to be $3.66.

Check out the segment below:

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And what was the spectacular prize he won for the audience? It was something a lot of fans hope for but only a relative few get.

The lucky audience of that show taping won a return to “The Ellen Show” for one of the “12 Days of Giveaways.” Many audience members jumped up, hugged each other and cheered over the announcement.

Well done, Mr. Gates!

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