Black Trump Supporter Lays Into Democrats, 'Sanctuary Cities Are Racist'


Sanctuary cities that protect illegal immigrants from deportation are racist, according to a black Trump supporter.

In Cudahy, California, an unidentified black woman took the podium at a local government meeting to assert that sanctuary cities are destroying the African-American community.

“All the jobs are going to illegals … and they are not paying taxes …The Black Community has been destroyed by racist illegal immigrants.”

She stated that the advantages given illegal immigrants are not afforded the black community.

“When my people do a crime we get three strikes.  When (illegal immigrants) do a crime they get amnesty, they get benefits and they’re not paying taxes.”

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She asserted that sanctuary cities’ days are numbered, “You’re not going to be allowed to get away with it … Your time is going to be up.”

She expressed her support for President Donald Trump on his illegal immigration policies, “Thank God for Trump.”

In their stampede to denounce Trump’s illegal immigration policies as racist and uncaring, liberals are showing how mindless and contradictory their ideology has become.

On the one hand, Democrats egotistically claim that they are the only political party that cares about the black community, and accuse the  Republican Party as racist.

Do you think sanctuary cities are racist?

For decades Democrats have played the “race card” against often-floundering Republicans.

Republicans play this rigged game and seek to prove that, like the Democrats, their hearts are in the right place.

And a large proportion of African-Americans continue to support Democrats come election time.  But there is growing an African-American backlash along with others against Democratic policies concerning illegal immigrants.

Often over-policed and struggling economically, the black community is striking back at the advantages given to illegal immigrants.

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But there is also a patriotic component.  As phrased by the brave black woman of Cudahy, California, some illegal immigrants burn the American flag while being nourished by the American government.

And she is correct about how liberals are ignoring the plight of her community in an obvious attempt to court potential illegal immigrant voters.

There is a delicious irony in her statements, for now, the Democrats know what it feels like to be accused of racism. At election time they are going to be faced with a stark choice: support illegal immigrants or black Americans.

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