Blood Spatter Expert Shakes Up Murdaugh's Double Murder Trial with New 'Two-Shooter Scenario'


A blood spatter expert called to testify by the defense in Alex Murdaugh’s murder trial has a game-changing theory regarding the killings of the disgraced attorney’s wife and son.

University of New Haven professor Timothy Palmbach explained his theory that Paul and Maggie Murdaugh were killed in a “two-shooter scenario” in Monday testimony.

Palmbach was called to the stand by Alex Murdaugh’s defense in the Colleton County, South Carolina, double homicide trial, according to the New York Post.

“My opinion is the totality of the evidence is more suggestive of a two-shooter scenario,” Palmbach said of the June 2021 shootings.

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Palmbach expressed his doubts that a single shooter could’ve obtained a rifle and attacked Maggie Murdaugh after shooting Paul with a shotgun.

“Minimally, that shooter is getting covered with his material, getting more or less the shock wave of that effect, and more than likely getting hit with at least something that could have done injury — a bone fragment and or a pellet fragment.”

“I think that particular shooter for a brief period of time is, is kind of out of this.”

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The two shootings were carried out with a shotgun and rifle — by two different assailants, in Palmbach’s opinion.

The forensics expert also expressed his belief that Paul Murdaugh was shot before he had an opportunity to defend himself.

Murdaugh has suggested that the killings of his family members were the result of a feud stemming from an earlier boat accident, according to CBS News.

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The disbarred attorney has admitted that he lied to law enforcement about his whereabouts immediately before the shooting at his Islandton, South Carolina, family property — having been present at the dog kennels where Paul and Maggie were fatally shot.

Murdaugh spoke on the stand in his own defense.

Murdaugh’s defense rested its case on Monday, according to CNN.

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