Bongino: I Think I May Have Figured Out the Mystery of the Tucker Video Leaks


A major player in conservative media has a theory behind the video leaks following Tucker Carlson’s firing from Fox News: Fox is not the culprit.

“You’re not going to hear this anywhere else,” Bongino during a Friday segment of “The Dan Bongino Show.”

Bongino rejected claims that Fox itself is leaking the footage in a bid to sully Carlson’s reputation after his firing last month.

“I don’t think this is a Fox [operation] … I just don’t think it,” Bongino said of the leaks.

“If someone in management ordered that hit, then other people would know about it within the company.”

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“Folks, they have other hosts there. They cannot lose their whole rosters,” Bongino said before explaining that one the videos don’t make Carlson look bad and two Media Matters would eventually out Fox for being the source of the leak.

“Three, why would they leak a video about Dominion when they don’t want to talk about Dominion?” he asked.

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Finally, Bongino queried, “Why is no one at Fox saying any comment on this at all? If it’s not their video, why aren’t they just saying it? … Why would Fox not want to comment on this?”

Bongino speculated that the loose clips of Carlson’s off-air banter could make other Fox hosts distrustful of network management. The leaks could leave network talent such as Greg Gutfeld wondering if their own unaired rhetoric could be broadcast in a Media Matters hit piece, according to Bongino.

The conservative host brought up Fox’s inability to secure custody of its own video as a point of embarrassment for the company.

“If you’re a host at the network on Fox … what’s the first thing you’re thinking?”

“Fox doesn’t have custody of its own video? What the hell is going on there?”

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Bongino also claimed that the leaked clips of Carlson were only advancing the fired host’s interests.

“So the left-wing lunatics at Media Matters, they continue to publish videos that are like sizzle reels for Tucker Carlson’s next show,” Bongino said.

The clips — promoted by Media Matters in an attempt to discredit Carlson — have been received favorably by the cable news giant’s audience.

“Whoever is leaking these videos — you’re making this guy unbelievably rich as interest in Tucker grows and grows.”

Bongino was ambiguous about whoever might be responsible for the Carlson leaks, although he discounted Fox management as suspects.

Critics of Fox — including former network host Megyn Kelly — disagree with Bongino and have pointed at Fox’s management as possible culprits behind the leaks.

Representatives for Fox News have strongly denied that employees of the network are responsible for the off-air leaks.

The network has even gone so far as to serve a cease-and-desist notice to Media Matters for publishing the off-air clips of Carlson.

Some of the leaks even feature Carlson criticizing Fox’s corporate policies, such as the administration of subscription service Fox Nation.

Carlson uses off-color language in some of the leaked clips, directing it towards Media Matters in one off-air outburst.

WARNING: The following tweet contains language some readers may find offensive.

Carlson is strategizing an exit from his Fox News contractual obligations in order to start his own conservative media venture, Axios theorized in a report.

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