Border Patrol Captures Ten Convicted Sex Offenders Infiltrating America in Three Days


U.S. Customs and Border Protection apprehended a large number of convicted sex offenders on the southern border in just three short days.

The United States Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz revealed that his personnel arrested the felons in a tweet last week.

Ortiz revealed that Border Patrol agents had arrested ten different sex offenders in the three-day period.

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In the same time, Border Patrol also seized 170 pounds of dangerous drugs, a fugitive wanted for murder and 18 massive groups, which totaled to 2,446 illegal aliens.

President Joe Biden’s tenure has seen a marked increase in apprehensions of convicted sex offenders at the most trafficked segments of the border.

Border Patrol agents in the Del Rio, Texas, sector witnessed a 3,166% increase in sex offender arrests in Fiscal Year 2021, according to Fox News.

Some of the sex offender arrests in May included a Honduran national “convicted of indecency with a child sexual contact” and a previously convicted sex offender who entered the border with a group of gang members.

Should they get mandatory prison time?

Re-entering the southern border after being deported for an aggravated felony carries a maximum federal penalty of up to 20 years in prison, although the federal government has all but ceased pursuing serious sentences for repeat illegal immigrants.

The spring season has spurred a torrent of illegal migration at the southern border, with President Joe Biden’s pledge to end Title 42 spurring potential illegal aliens to travel north.

The Biden administration’s planned termination of Title 42 has been derailed by court rulings.

The Trump-era public health authority allows the federal government to quickly expel illegal aliens on coronavirus public health grounds.

Insider accounts from Border Patrol personnel paint a picture of an agency demoralized by a lack of support from the White House for the immigration enforcement mission.

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As many as two million illegal immigrants have breached the border since Biden took office.

Analysis suggests that even more illegals have escaped into the interior of the country entirely, a troubling development in light of the sex offender arrests.

Partisan politics haven’t precluded Border Patrol agents from carrying out law enforcement duties they haven’t been assigned to.

For example, an off-duty Border Patrol agent shot and killed the Uvalde school shooter in Robb Elementary School last month.

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