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Boy Impaled Through Head with Meat Skewer Credits Jesus Christ for Saving Him


“Don’t run with ______ (scissors, knives, swords, pencils) — you’ll poke your eye out!” If you didn’t hear this phrase yelled at you multiple times throughout your childhood, you probably had pretty tame formative years.

And yet despite the warnings, most kids still learn through experience. They’ll touch the stove — hopefully only once — before realizing that maybe mom does know what she’s talking about (though that sense soon evaporates and only returns in their late 20s).

But there’s no way to prepare for freak accidents like this one. How do you warn your child of the unimaginable? You can’t, really, other than try to instill good common sense in them so they can deal with whatever comes up.

When Gabrielle Miller from Harrisonville, Missouri, saw her then-10-year-old son come over from playing outside one day in September, she panicked.

“He had this metal-looking rod, what I thought was an arrow, coming out of his cheek,” she told CBN.

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Xavier Cunningham, now 11, remembers it like it was yesterday. “She was like, ‘Oh my gosh! Who did this to you?'” he said.

Apparently, Xavier and his friends had been playing when they decided to go up into a treehouse. They weren’t the first ones to get there, though, as the playscape was already home to a swarm of yellow jackets.

If you’ve ever encountered the hateful creatures, you know that you don’t stick around when you spot yellow jackets. You get out, before they get you. However, in his escape, Xavier tumbled off the treehouse ladder and to the ground… and fell, face-first, onto a meat skewer that was stuck in the ground below him.

If you’re 10 and have a 17-inch metal rod going through your face, a very human response would be to try to pull it out — but Xavier knew better, based on the fate of a villain in a popular film who’d done something similar and died.

“I watched ‘Black Panther,'” he told CBN. “At the end of it, how he just takes it out and dies — so I was like, ‘Nope!'”

While the movie may have helped Xavier know not to pull the rod out himself, he and his family are adamant that the skewer missing all vital areas of his head and leaving him relatively unscathed is all God’s doing.

“He gave his life for us,” Xavier said. “And after this, it’s just like He really truly is the God almighty.”

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Recounting the events and how miraculous it was that his son was okay, Xavier’s father, Shannon Miller, gave glory to God, too.

“I said, ‘Lord I don’t care. I know you have a plan,'” Miller said about his son’s time in surgery, according to Fox 4KC. “All I can remember is laughing and crying and cheering. Just the support of my friends and family, it was powerful.”

“Only God could have directed things to happen in a way that would save him like this. It really was a miracle.”

“It makes the Gospel come to life,” the boy’s mother confirmed. “And it makes just everything very real — very alive.”

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