Unhinged Brennan Imploding as Even Obama Intel Vets Start Taking Him Apart


Isn’t it interesting as time goes on, how opponents of the president — who previously held high level positions in government — continue to push back, speak out against and challenge him?

John Brennan is just such an interesting individual. With President Trump’s already successful track record of flushing out bad players from inside the swamp, I often question why his opponents continue to intentionally draw attention to themselves as targets to be dealt with?

As a former director of the CIA, one would think he would play his cards closer to his vest and not make such publicly inflammatory statements about the president or anything else, for that matter.

It’s not serving him well with the present administration and now even past colleagues are pulling support from him in a very public way.

FOX News reported that while some former Obama era intelligence community veterans haven’t jumped on the Trump train, they aren’t lining up to send warm fuzzies to Brennan either, as he continues to throw verbal assaults at the president.

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“Some former intelligence veterans — including those who worked with Brennan — are expressing discomfort with Brennan’s comments, saying they are improperly political and speculative.”

Former Obama administration CIA Moscow station chief Daniel Hoffman said: “Intelligence officers speculate really at our own risk, at their own peril. We shouldn’t be doing that. We deal in facts. We read the facts, the intelligence. And then we make the judgments.”

“And John Brennan — with an emotional outburst — is speculating and is not dealing in the facts.”

And surprisingly enough, while detractors find fault with his general behavior, some are not pleased with his attacks on the president, specifically.

Has John Brennan gone too far in attacking the president?

Retired Adm. Michael Mullen told Fox News Sunday: “I think John’s an extraordinary servant of the country, but I think he has been incredibly critical of the president, and I think that has put him in a political place which actually does more damage for the intelligence community — which is apolitical.”

Even John Clapper said he thought Brennan’s behavior was “an issue.”

“I think John is subtle like a freight train and he’s gonna say what’s on his mind,” he said. “John and his rhetoric have become, I think, an issue in and of itself.”

Brennan may yet feel even a deeper stings from the president as he has made his feelings quite clear on what he thinks of Brennan’s public insults.

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Brennan publicly stated he will work to make sure everyone who wants to keep their security clearances can do so, even if it means litigation against the president.

And the president responded in his typical, no holds barred style on Twitter.

I wonder if Brennan thinks he’s got an ace up his sleeve the president won’t be able to outplay. Maybe he should ask James Comey how that worked out for him.

Brennan may be the next sacrificial lamb of the intelligence community, if the president has anything to say about it. His friends certainly aren’t stepping up to offer any shelter.

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