Bride Blinded By Bouquet of Poisonous Flowers. Gets Surprise Do-Over From Steve Harvey


Christine Jo Miller had put a lot of effort into making everything just right for her September 23rd wedding. Decorations were set, invitations sent, and an amazing reception planned.

The last thing she wanted to do on her big day was to go pick some wildflowers to add to her trellis and her professionally arranged bouquet. She just wanted to add a traditional touch.

She had no idea that the flowers she ended up picking, green-and-white-snow-on-the-mountains, were poisonous. She didn’t find out until she went inside to wash her face and a rash broke out. Her eyes also starting burning to the point where her vision was blurred.

She tried to medicate it with Benadryl, but it didn’t help any of her symptoms. While she was getting her hair done, she tried to keep her eyes closed and even put cucumbers on her eyes in hopes of relief.

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“I did my makeup myself and it kept dripping off because my eyes were watering so bad,” Christine told People magazine. “I had black lines running down my face the whole time, but I didn’t care at that point because I was in so much pain.”

Christine’s mother took her to the nearby urgent care clinic, but they discovered it was closed. Instead of canceling the ceremony, she decided to stay calm until after the reception when she would be able to sneak away to the ER.

“There was no reason to freak out because it was out of my control. There were 300 people there wanting to have fun and it didn’t make it any better to soak in my own sorrows, so I tried to keep calm,” Christine said.

They went back to the venue so Christine could get dressed and walk down the aisle. As soon as she reached her fiancé, Jon, she whispered to him that she needed to go to the hospital. And that’s just what they did!

Doctors were able to give her some eye drops and a shot. There was luckily no permanent eye damage. The newlywed couple left the hospital, bought some pajamas for Christine, and headed back to their reception.

Even though Christine was groggy from the medication, the couple were still able to cut the cake and dance together. Then they checked into a hotel where she very quickly fell asleep.

When Steve Harvey heard about this Nebraska couple’s wedding day, he wanted to give them another chance to celebrate.

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“I had just never heard of a wedding where the bride had to be rushed to the emergency room for having an allergic reaction to her bouquet and having so many bad things happen on their wedding day,” said Harvey. “I really felt like they deserved another opportunity to celebrate and what better place to make it happen than Disney.” He was the officiant.

Their Disney wedding was more than they could’ve hoped for — family, horse-drawn carriage, Disney magic. The works!

The couple just announced that they are expecting as well! Harvey surprised them with a trip to Hawaii to celebrate.

Christine wrote on Instagram, “Not exactly sure when the adventures end for us but next stop: Hawaii! We are so grateful beyond words for everything that is happening in this crazy life of ours right now.”

It was a perfect fairy-tale ending for this couple who, despite the circumstances, continued to keep a positive attitude!

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