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Bride and Groom Have Winter Wonderland Photo Shoot Thanks to Rare September Snowstorm


Many people are moving away from indoor weddings and tapping into the natural beauty of the wild as their ceremony backdrop. What’s more breathtaking than sweeping treelines, natural greenery and the unbeatable golden hour?

Of course, when you have any portion of a large party outdoors, you’re at the mercy of the elements — and the elements don’t always take your plans into consideration.

Like many engaged women, Brittany (now) Tuohy wanted to tap into the wonderful fall colors of the Pacific Northwest — which is where both bride and groom grew up, according to KVUE.

Now located in Arizona, which doesn’t have nearly the same seasonal shifts, the couple was looking forward to the cooler temperatures and vibrant plant life in Spokane, Washington. But it soon became clear that they might be getting cooler temperatures than they’d bargained for.

“Well this is unfortunate!” the bride-to-be posted on Sept. 23. “Spokane hasn’t seen this cold of weather in September in 7 years! Everyone better dress warm this weekend! Rain or shine we are getting excited!”

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The rest of the story was told by the Tuohys’ photographer, Jaime Fletcher of Jaime Denise Photography, who posted the one-of-a-kind pictures on Facebook.

“Hey honey, remember that one time we decided to travel from Arizona and have a September Fall Wedding in Washington?” she wrote in her Sept. 28 Facebook post.

“Well, I made it off the mountain tonight with about a foot of snow on my car. The road still hasn’t been plowed, so I am really hoping the guests make it home okay. It was a really scary drive back down to town.”

“WHAT A DAY. What a freaking wild day. Who ever would’ve thought we’d get an actual BLIZZARD on Mt. Spokane on September 28th? WITH LIKE AN ACTUAL FOOT OF SNOW AND COUNTING? Not me. Not anyone.”

“These two were absolute champions changing their completely OUTDOOR wedding to a COMPLETELY INDOOR Wedding last minute… and they even let me take them outside for a few photos – we literally were only out there for 10 minutes because the winds ALL day were so out of control. This one was just as the snow REALLY started to get bad.”

“THANK YOU to Brittany & Sean for having the best attitude about the uncontrollable atmosphere,” she concluded. “You made the chaos absolutely beautiful! Your love for each other warmed all of us.”

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While there was no doubt a last-minute scramble to salvage the wedding despite the snow, the photos turned out to be absolutely gorgeous.

There’s no way these photos will be overlooked or be forgotten. Plenty of people have fall scenery in the photos from their special day, but very few have a true winter wonderland.

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