Brutal 'Transgender' Hockey Hit Leaves Woman with Concussion, Muscle Strains


This simply shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

A female competitor was seriously injured following a hit from a male opponent during a hockey match in Middleton, Wisconsin, last month, according to the New York Post.

Daniel “Danny” Maki — a woman who “identifies” as a man — was injured by a transgender “woman” who is actually a man.

Video of the hit shows the much-smaller female player rendered immobile by what might have been a glancing blow to another male.

The female athlete was reportedly left with a concussion and muscle strains from the blow, and observers of the contest quickly called for a medic to intervene.

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In a bizarre twist, the brutal hit took place during a match of the Team Trans Ice Hockey Draft tournament, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Team Trans is an ice hockey “collective” that features “trans” athletes of both sexes competing against one another.

The Wisconsin tournament was enthusiastically supported by the National Hockey League.

The match in question saw a team mostly composed of trans “women” (actually men) easily vanquish a team of trans “men” (actually women), according to the Daily Mail.

As if there were any doubt.

Maki later released a statement following her on-ice injury — that conspicuously failed to mention the hit in question, at all.

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“I’ve been debating if I should post everything about the @teamtransicehockey draft tournament, given the sensitive content, but here goes,” the trans athlete said in an Instagram post, according to the New York Post.

“Once out I was playing the puck, and I took a very odd fall into the boards, in which I needed medical attention to make sure my neck and extremities were okay,” Maki recounted, failing to mention that she’d been hit by a much larger male opponent.

The hockey player admitted she’d suffered a concussion and muscle strains from the “fall” — stating she would play in the dangerous trans tournament again.

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The stunt of a sports tournament for transgenders — backed by the NHL — makes for a nice little politically correct project for the left, but it comes with consequences — in this case, the injury of a player.

Male (or “transgender”) entry into female sports has been occurring for years — most notoriously lately in the case of University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas.

But it’s especially dangerous in an intensely physical contact sport such as hockey.

Are women and girls going to sign up for youth hockey knowing they’re going to be decked by muscular male players pretending to be females?

Of course not, and for good reason.

If hockey fans care at all about the future of the sport insofar as it’s played by real women, they’d stand up vocally against this disgrace to the sport.

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