Bud Light Hit with Terrible News from Heartland, Rural America: Report


Editor’s Note: Our readers responded strongly to this story when it originally ran; we’re reposting it here in case you missed it.

Beer distributors were reportedly “spooked” after Anheuser-Busch products failed to sell in the South and in middle America over the weekend of April 8.

It was terrible news for the company but not exactly unexpected after Bud Light drinkers saw their brew of choice cater to radical gender extremists.

Dylan Mulvaney, a man who courted a large following on TikTok and Instagram over the last year by documenting his journey to becoming a “transgender woman,” is now a paid influencer for the beer brand.

The beer has been boycotted, used for target practice and lampooned online since Mulvaney shared this atrocity of an Instagram post:

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A post shared by Dylan Mulvaney (@dylanmulvaney)

Yes, Bud Light put the face of a man in a dress on a can of beer to celebrate his year of “womanhood.”

Long gone are the days of “real men of genius” as Bud is now a beer for real men in dresses. According to a copy of the beer publication Beer Business Daily, distributors in some markets are already feeling panicked.

Do you think Bud Light is going to lose business over its move?

Beer Business Daily charges an $890 annual fee for readers, but Fox News got ahold of the article, which is titled “Unpacking the Bud Light Backlash.”

In it, those with their fingers on the pulse of the beer industry discussed a reported slump in sales in areas of the country where Bud Light is more likely to be popular.

After making note of the backlash regarding Bud Light’s partnership with Mulvaney, Beer Business Daily noted those responsible for getting Anheuser-Busch brands of beer out into refrigerators are “spooked.”

“We reached out to a handful of A-B [Anheuser-Busch] distributors who were spooked, most particularly in the Heartland and the South, and even then in their more rural areas,” the publication reported April 10.

While the trade publication admitted it did not yet have a full view of the apparent disaster, the article noted “it appears likely Bud Light took a volume hit in some markets over the holiday weekend.”

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The article said people in such areas are more likely to celebrate Easter than those outside of the South and in middle America.

The article added, ”Whether it lasts or whether the publicity sparks incremental off-setting demand from over the ideological divide in metro areas, remains to be seen.”

The piece further said brewers were having a difficult time in their attempts to “appeal to the sensitivities of a new generation of drinkers” while not alienating existing ones.

Of course, any rational person could have told Bud’s “woke” marketing executives there were ways to court new demographics without dumping its brand’s decades of rapport with loyal customers down the sink.

It’s not as though Bud Light’s marketing department had to balance pretending the company cared about middle America while also supporting people who are working to undermine the social fabric of the country.

Surely there was another way for a brand that was, until this fiasco, known as a low-calorie beer for blue-collar people.

In any event, Anheuser-Busch chose this road, and the company was slow to express any regret for going down it.

Beer Business Daily’s no-good news for Anheuser-Busch might have been purely anecdotal.

We will have a clearer picture soon enough.

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