Bully Takes Teen's Photo at School to Mock Her. Then She Texts Mom for Help


Bullying has been around for a very long time, but with the convenience of technology, it has now reached new heights in cruelty. Technology has also given bullies a much larger audience for their nastiness, giving victims more sources of embarrassment and harassment.

The problem with bullying can be so bad that victims become depressed and their school attendance and grades suffer. Some have even committed suicide.

One bullied teen’s story has touched hearts and drawn cheers for the way her mother responded to the situation. Her name is Bailey.

Her mom has even been called a hero for how she handled the painful situation her daughter was in.

It began with a message from Bailey to her mom, asking for a change of clothes. Bailey had worn a dress to school but was asking for jeans and a t-shirt to be brought to her.

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The reason was that a boy named Dylan had taken a photo of her legs and posted it to Snapchat, with the caption “thicc.”

Bailey found out about it, got embarrassed, and wanted to quickly change out of the dress and into something that would cover up her legs.

Bailey’s mom got to the school in moments with a change of clothes for her daughter. The conversation between the two has been shared online, along with posts of support for Bailey and her mom.

Even though in the conversation Bailey’s mom said she’d been at the school in seven minutes, she actually arrived in five, according to The Daily Mail.

The thoughtful mom had also asked in advance if Bailey needed a change of shoes, as well.

The outpouring of support for Bailey and her mom has been tremendous, with many commenting on how shameful they believe bullying is, particularly against girls who are already likely to be body-conscious. Some had advice for Bailey on how to handle the critics, too.

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Another topic addressed by many in comments was that of “fat shaming,” which is the act of embarrassing or humiliating a person because they are overweight or obese.

As some commenting were quick to point out, not only is it not nice, in general, but there are medical conditions that can cause weight gain and obesity, which makes the shaming all the more unacceptable.

Schools around the world have attempted to address bullying in a variety of ways, including giving suspensions to those found guilty of particpating in it. In some places, laws have been enacted to help reduce bullying.

There has been no word as to what happened, if anything, to Dylan or anyone else who participated in the bullying of Bailey.

For now, Bailey has the support of many in the public and her loving mom to help her get through the trying times that are high school.

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