Hurt Feelings: California Demands Trump Apologize to Illegal Immigrant Children


Liberals have a number of tools in their arsenal to attack their opponents, not the least of which is the apology.

Perhaps most of us still remember an apology as an expression of regret. However, the left has turned it into something completely different. It seems liberals now use apologies to humiliate those with whom they disagree.

Could it be that certain California legislators are playing the apology card in hopes to gain public sympathy so that they can win the war they have waged against President Donald Trump on illegal immigration?

State Sens. Kevin de León, Richard Pan and Scott Wiener, all Democrats, authored a joint resolution calling for Trump and Congress to apologize to children for separating them from the adult foreign nationals who brought them across our border illegally, according to KPBS-TV in San Diego.

The resolution also calls for both Congress and the president to acknowledge their part in the supposed wrongdoing of separating those children from their illegal alien parents.

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The California Senate passed the resolution Thursday, with just three lawmakers voting against it.

De León went as far as to describe the separation of children as “government-sanctioned kidnapping,” according to the report.

“They created the problem, they need to fix the problem and make sure there is clear accountability,” the senator said.

Pan agreed, saying, “We should apologize to these children we have permanently harmed.”

Are liberals overplaying the apology card?

He compared the border separations to the U.S. internment of Japanese citizens during World War II.

The California resolution cites comments from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Psychiatric Association and the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights declaring separation of children from their parents runs counter to human rights, causes trauma and is detrimental to short- and long-term development in children.

Apology demands have become a popular ploy among liberals.

For example, CNN correspondent Jim Acosta demanded in May that the president apologize for “things he’s said over the years.”

The tone of these cries rarely seems like they are looking for admissions of regret, but rather opportunities to humiliate.

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Trump made it clear long before he was elected president that he doesn’t bow to those kinds of tactics.

In the case of the immigration resolution, morally outraged liberals presume that policy to strengthen national security by the Trump administration justifies calls for apology.

Maybe citizens of California and the U.S. should note there is nothing in the resolution that might suggest exposing children to adults who knowingly break the laws is also detrimental to child development.

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