Candace Owens on CNN's 'Dumb Negro' Comment: 'They Want Their Slaves Back'


Black Americans are walking away from liberalism in droves — and it looks like the mainstream media doesn’t know how to handle it.

For a while now, famous musician Kanye West has been speaking up in support of President Donald Trump, and taking a surprising stance of unity and open-mindedness when it comes to solving problems in the black community.

Both West and his equally famous wife, Kim Kardashian, have met with Trump in the White House, and liberals seem to be losing their minds over the fact that the culture isn’t marching lock-step with leftist ideologies.

After West appeared on “Saturday Night Live” wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat, the liberal media went into a total meltdown.

Using language that would have led to riots if it was said anywhere else, CNN talking heads on Wednesday openly called the black singer a “token negro” among other insults.

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“Kanye West is what happens when negroes don’t read,” insisted Bakari Sellers, a former Democratic lawmaker in South Carolina and now CNN commentator, sparking host Don Lemon into a laughing fit.

“He’s the token negro of the Trump administration,” slandered Tara Setmayer, another CNN commentator.

The fact that Lemon could only snicker as insulting terms were used against West, one of the most famous and successful black men in the United States today, caught the attention of conservative commentator Candace Owens.

On Wednesday, the passionate Owens took to Twitter to lambaste liberals for their appalling behavior.

“Last night on CNN, Kanye West was called a ‘token negro’ and a ‘dumb negro,'” the Turning Point USA communications director declared in a Twitter post.

“I want you guys to imagine if those words were EVER uttered on Fox News. CNN has finally committed to going full blown RACIST,” pointed out Owens, who is herself African-American and a friend of West.

Then she made it clear that the left was acting desperate because they are losing their control over black culture.

“They want their slaves back,” she pointed out, hitting on a theme that West has also talked about.

As usual, every one of Owens’ points is spot-on. She right: It’s impossible to imagine Fox News hosts calling a black man a “token negro” and laughing about it while still keeping their jobs for more than a nanosecond.

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Liberals, however, seem to think that this kind of racially tinged and insulting language is completely fine if they say it. The implication is clear: The left is in charge of African-Americans, or so they think, and somebody is only truly black as long as they toe the liberal line.

The moment free thinkers like West or Owens form their own views, however, they’re quickly labeled horrible names.

True diversity has more to do with ideas and viewpoints than it does with skin color. More and more, however, it becomes clear that the left only wants to pay lip service to real diversity of thought and only accepts people — especially black citizens — who think and vote exactly the same.

There is strong evidence that a growing number of black Americans are rejecting the race-baiting of liberals and their media outlets — like CNN — and embracing conservative ideas.

That must send chills down the back of every liberal who only sees blacks as a source of guaranteed votes.

If Owens is right, then Democrats have finally lost the culture.

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