Watch: 1st Time Carrie Underwood Got Pulled Over, Her Priceless Reaction


When country music sensation Carrie Underwood got pulled over Monday morning in Tennessee for the first time ever in her life, she neither pouted, stamped her feet, threw a fit nor yelled “policy brutality.” Instead she accepted her fate like a champ.

We know this because dashcam footage from the encounter released Thursday by the Brentwood Police Department shows Underwood acting “so, so polite with this police officer during her traffic stop,” as reported by Rare Country magazine.

As the unnamed officer approaches her car, he pithily asks, “What’s the big hurray ma’am?”

Watch the video below to hear her reply:

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“I wasn’t even paying attention. I know that’s not an excuse,” she humbly responded.

That’s called taking responsibility for one’s actions. Shortly after Underwood got pulled over, she posted an even humbler tweet to Twitter about what happened:

The woman felt ashamed over being pulled over for speeding. Now contrast this commendable humility to the arrogance of people like Columbia Daily Tribune columnist Bill “Ol’ Clark” Clark.

Is Underwoods' humility an effect of her conservative values?

After being pulled over and ticketed last year for failing to signal a turn, Clark published an op-ed attacking the cops who pulled him over for doing their jobs.

First, he accused the officers of pulling him over because of his uber-liberal bumper stickers. Then he claimed they had harassed and intimated them.

“I’ve just come to appreciate even more the words of those minorities when they speak of harassment and police arrogance,” he wrote.

“I had a good dose of arrogance on this evening and, in my rear view mirror, the image of the second officer out of the car, his hands ready in case I made the wrong move. My life seemed to be in danger.”

But dashcam footage published thereafter by Boone County Sheriff Dwayne Carey made it clear that Clark had lied:

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Something similar occurred last year to Ulster County Legislator Jennifer Schwartz Berky, a Democrat legislator from New York who made headlines after a video of her acting like an unhinged lunatic during a traffic stop went viral.

Not that this necessarily means anything, but Underwood is reportedly a Republican. And unlike liberals Bill “Ol’ Clark” Clark and Jennifer Schwartz Berky, she knows how to behave herself. Kudos.

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