Look: Cartoon Perfectly Skewers Both Anti-Kavanaugh Crowd and Abortion Activists


Democrats made it clear prior to a nominee even being chosen that they would vote “no.”

Once Judge Brett Kavanaugh was nominated, they went to town on him. They made a number of claims against him, including the theory that he would reverse Roe v. Wade.

Protesters on the left went wild, using abortion as one of their core arguments against him. They disrupted the confirmation hearings, went to the offices of members of Congress and engaged in other acts of civil disobedience.

But another claim was made that is overtaking the abortion protests. Kavanaugh has been accused of a sexual assault when he was in high school.

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Thus far, no proof has been produced — it is her word against his. And witnesses have denied that it happened.

Now a cartoon, shared on Twitter by LifeSiteNews, brings it all together in one poignant visual representation. It addresses the attack on Kavanaugh’s reputation, as well as abortion:

Conservative podcast host Dan Bongino has also taken aim. He, too, hit the Democrats on the lives being destroyed:

Many critical of the sexual assault claim by Christine Blasey Ford, have pointed to a number of partisan issues that cause them to be suspicious.

They believe the eleventh hour attack is about politics and nothing more. How Ford’s letter was handled plays a big role in that claim.

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Critics have zeroed in on other aspects as well. A correlation has been made between the claim against Kavanaugh, abortion and political gain.

The confirmation process for Kavanaugh is ongoing; however, pundits have made a disheartening prediction.

Do you believe the Democrats are playing politics with the Ford accusation?

Even if — after testimony from both Ford and Kavanaugh — it appears he is innocent of the sexual assault claim, there are those who will, for political reasons, continue to smear him and his rulings, forever linking him to the claim.

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