CDC Reveals Biden's Afghan Evacuees Are Arriving in US with a Variety of Deadly Diseases


The Biden administration continues to undercut its own alarmist narrative that COVID-19 is a lethal pandemic that compels Americans to blindly submit to government mandates by importing Afghan refugees who are infected with deadly, contagious diseases.

Refugees have tested positive for measles, tuberculosis, mumps, hepatitis A, the coronavirus, malaria, varicella and leishmaniasis, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed in a health alert Monday.

Both malaria and polio are endemic to third-world Afghanistan, the agency noted.

“As of September 20, 2021, CDC has been notified of 16 confirmed cases of measles and 4 cases of mumps among Afghan nationals and U.S. citizens, recently arriving from Afghanistan,” the CDC said.

“Measles is an extremely contagious infectious disease; around 9 out of 10 people who are close contacts and who are not protected will become infected following exposure to measles virus,” it said.

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The agency also warned that Afghan refugees are “at increased likelihood of gastrointestinal infections, including shigellosis, giardiasis, cryptosporidiosis, hepatitis A, rotavirus, and viral diarrheal diseases.”

In other words, the Biden administration is importing human petri dishes of assorted infestations into the country — all while browbeating Americans to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and wear masks all day.

According to the CDC, a staggering 118,000 Afghans have been imported since August, when President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal unleashed a catastrophic public health, humanitarian and national security emergency that endangers all Americans.

The White House has repeatedly spewed implausible reassurances that transporting armies of foreigners here helps America. However, even the CDC warned that unvetted refugees pose a serious public health threat.

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“Many of the evacuees are from areas with limited access to healthcare and vaccinations and have been living in close quarters for long periods during the evacuation process, thereby raising the risk of disease spread,” the agency warned.

To counter the viral spread of deadly diseases being imported here, the CDC recommended that refugees get vaccinated for measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, polio, COVID-19 and the seasonal flu.

While the Biden administration is flying in armies of Afghan refugees, the southern border is being barraged daily with caravans of illegal aliens from Central and South America, Haiti and elsewhere.

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This alarming confluence of events — all resulting in the mass influx of unvetted foreign nationals into the U.S. — suggests that this is intentional.

After all, Biden has been in politics for five decades, so it’s naive to suggest that he’s totally unaware of the long-term impact of his destructive policies.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Monday that Biden is deliberately enabling the border crisis, which is designed to re-engineer America. That’s the only way to explain why he’s flippantly allowing this multi-pronged anarchy to unfold.

“America could be on the brink of getting much poorer,” Carlson said. “This is the last thing we need. And it was preventable, easily preventable.

“The U.S. holds tremendous sway over the Mexican economy. With a single phone call, Joe Biden could make sure that the Mexican government sent these migrants back where they came from. But Biden hasn’t called to do that. And he hasn’t because he wants them here, in the United States. So they’re coming. He did this on purpose.”

Carlson continued: “Thousands of Haitians have swarmed the small town of Del Rio, Texas. As of this morning, there were close to 7,000 so-called ‘family units’ under the bridge there. More than 300 of them included pregnant women. All of these migrants, says the Biden administration, will be allowed into the United States, no questions asked.

“The children born here will instantly become American citizens. None of these people, you should know, will undergo any kind of background check, like the background check you endure when you try to buy a .12 gauge, according to your Constitutional rights.”

Carlson noted that “none of them will be forced to abide by vaccine mandates. You need the shot to work as a nurse or for the sanitation department, or anywhere, but you don’t need a shot to come to our country illegally at the request of the Biden administration.”

Carlson said this is mass inundation of illegal aliens and refugees is being facilitated by the White House because it’s part of the Democrats’ long-term strategy to retain power.

“But what about you?” he said. “You’re an American. You were born here, you remember a free and egalitarian America, where the same laws applied to everyone no matter what color they were? What about you?

“You’re merely in the way. Keep your nose clean, Mr. American Citizen. Don your obedience mask, get your shot, pay your taxes and shut up. You’re yesterday’s constituency. No one cares what you think. That is the message.”

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