#MeToo Silent After Man Claims To Have Been Fired for Refusing Female Boss' Advances


Former Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President Javier Palomarez is suing his former organization along with CNN commentator Maria Cardona, his former boss Nina Vaca, BP and others for wrongful termination.

Documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation show Palomarez is accusing his former boss and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Chair emeritus, Vaca, of taking personal and professional revenge against him after he attempted to end their 7-year extramarital affair.

Palomarez’s plaintiff petition states Vaca “lost her mind” when he decided to end the relationship and claims it was the catalyst for embezzlement charges she levied against him behind his back.

She reportedly showed animus toward him in public according to several claims in the petition and is described as “a powerful woman known for her vengeful and retaliatory nature.”

Vaca is also accused of convening the Chamber’s board in secret back in October of 2017, claiming Palomarez had committed financial misconduct. Palomarez was not present at the meeting, which is uncommon given that he was the president. He was also not offered the opportunity to defend himself against the charges.

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The board listened to Vaca for just over 30 minutes and didn’t ask for a follow-up question or ask her to produce any evidence of Palomarez’s guilt, according to the petition. The board then voted to terminate Palomarez’s contract.

Vaca denies her actions had anything to do her romantic relationship with Palomarez and denies the affair took place. Several pictures and expensive gifts tell a different story. Vaca and Palomarez can be seen kissing and suggestively touching one another in various public displays of affection in multiple photos within the petition.

Palomarez also claims to have text messages from Vaca professing her love for him as well as four expensive Rolex watches, which she allegedly gifted him during their time together.

He has also targeted CNN’s Maria Cardona who served on the Chamber’s board and voted to terminate his contract. Palomarez claims Cardona conspired with Vaca to use her clout to spread disinformation. He also accuses Cardona of giving inaccurate quotes to outlets like The New York Times in an effort to destroy his credibility.

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Palomarez also lists BP as a defendant and specifically targets the company’s chief diversity officer Ryan Dempsey. Dempsey was on the board during the time of the disputed vote.

Palomarez’s claims he told Dempsey that BP needed to hire more Hispanic employees and says Dempsey felt pressured and offended by the suggestion.

Eventually, BP was forced to concede and agreed to hire more Hispanic- American contractors and small businesses. Outwardly, BP took full credit for progressively expanding its practice to hire Hispanic-Americans and their small businesses … Internally, BP was incensed. When the dispute between Ms. Vaca and Plaintiff arose, BP jumped at the opportunity for payback.
Palomarez said it will take the rest of his life trying to restore what’s left of his name and image.
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“I will spend the rest of my life trying to repair the damage done to my family, but they fully support my decision to fight back publicly, no matter the odds, no matter how powerful these people are, to restore my name,” he said in a press release.

Chad Pinkerton, who represents Palomarez, said he plans to make Vaca into the poster child for sexual harassment against men.

“Nina Vaca used her power and her corporate buddies to try and destroy a good man Javier Palomarez,” Pinkerton said in a press release. “When we are done, Vaca will become the poster child for sexual harassment against men, a woman who was so desperate for revenge she manufactured false allegations of sexual harassment and embezzlement to destroy her subordinate and former lover.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to Vaca, Cardon and BP — but none of them returned our request for comment.

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