Charlie Kirk Praises Conservative Students as 'Modern-Day Culture Warriors' Ahead of Trump Rally


With the November election edging closer every day, President Donald Trump is traveling the country again in order to galvanize his supporters.

On Tuesday afternoon, he is set to appear at a Students for Trump rally in Phoenix.

The chairman of Students for Trump, Charlie Kirk, spoke with The Western Journal about the rally, politics on college campuses and the overall political climate in America following protests and riots that took place in cities across the country in the wake of George Floyd’s May 25 death in police custody.

Kirk started off by talking about the establishment media’s hypocrisy — many of the same outlets that approved of and encouraged the massive protests are now balking at the notion of Trump supporters ignoring social distancing guidelines by attending the president’s rallies.

“The left has never cared about truth. ‘Truth is not a left-wing value,’ as the great Dennis Prager says. And look, about our event in particular, we now know, we have the science and the statistics to show us that young people are, by far, the least at-risk demographic of any portion of American society when it comes to the virus being spread and so forth,” he told The Western Journal.

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“We take the reality of what the virus is seriously, like all people do. With that being said, we also know that young people voluntarily coming to an event and taking the right precautions is something that should be celebrated.”

The political commentator was quick to point out that, given the restrictions from the coronavirus, students have had a rough go of it the last few months. Giving them a chance to hear from the president is a great opportunity at such a trying time.

“These students had their proms canceled. They had their spring sports canceled. They had their commencement addresses canceled. They have had their internships canceled. They have had their lives totally altered. The least thing that we should be supportive of is hearing from the president of the United States, who’s going to tell them how we are going to continue to chart America for a better and more positive future,” Kirk said.

“The left is very quick to say that you should go out in hordes and swarms of tens of thousands to Brooklyn, New York, but God forbid if you were going to go to hear from the president of the United States. So the American people are seeing for the hypocrisy here. And I think it’s ample time to do what we’re doing.”

Do you agree with Charlie Kirk?

When asked about Trump’s handling of the riots and Black Lives Matter hysteria going on at the moment, Kirk affirmed that the president has been “terrific,” although he did have some harsh words for other members of the Republican Party.

“I’ve been underwhelmed by the lack of courage in the Republican Party and the lack of spine and the lack of spirit,” he told The Western Journal. “And when I say Republican Party, I want to be very specific, because the Republican Party is Trump’s party. I want to talk about establishment elected Republicans that have not stood in defiance to the mob, that have not stood in defiance to this kind of left-wing terrorism that we’re seeing all across our country.

“And so this could have been a Kavanaugh moment for the conservative movement,” Kirk said, referring to the galvanizing effect of the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. “And instead it is a cultural retreat moment where we are allowing carnage to happen to our country, both literal and metaphorical carnage, the likes of which — it would have taken 30 years for this kind of cultural change to happen that’s happened in the course of three weeks.”

Given his experience with colleges, the Turning Point USA founder expects the violence to spill over onto campuses when classes resume.

“I obviously hope I’m wrong in this prediction,” Kirk said. “But having students that have been hospitalized, punched in the face, having one of our Turning Point activists followed in the streets of Seattle yesterday and having her car damaged, having students that have been bear sprayed, having students that have been firebombed, had their dormitories been firebombed — it’s not unfair to say that this will probably become the most dangerous semester ever for a conservative on a college campus.”

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He praised the conservative students standing up to leftist mobs on campus, heralding them as “modern-day culture warriors.”

“God bless the amazing students we have at Turning Point Action, Students for Trump, from the educational arm of our 501(c)(3). God bless our students on campus that are running Turning Point chapters. It’s amazing. And these are the modern-day culture warriors,” Kirk told The Western Journal.

“The left right now is the most violent we have ever seen them, and it’s just fair to say that that is going to translate to college campuses,” he said. “Hopefully, I’m wrong.”

In light of the upcoming event in Phoenix, Kirk ended the interview by giving his prediction on who would win Arizona in the upcoming election.

“Trump’s going to win Arizona. I think he’s going to win it convincingly,” he said. “The more he visits, the better. Arizona’s become a battleground state for a variety of different reasons. I think he’s going to win Arizona more than he did in 2016.”

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