Chick-fil-A Employee Gets Tiny Intruder When Little Boy Crawls Under His Bathroom Stall


Second to their heavenly chicken, Chick-fil-A is well known for their customer service. Employees are almost always smiling and willing to help.

Maybe it’s because the Georgia-based company just naturally shares some southern hospitality. Maybe it’s because they are unashamed of being a Christian company.

But no matter what it is, the chain is so unlike other fast food restaurants that people take notice. And in response employees say, “It’s my pleasure.”

This rap written by a Chick-Fil-a employee describes everything perfectly.

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Many people wonder if Chick-fil-A’s employees are as nice at work as they are in real life. I’m sure every employee is different, but Andrew Hall proved that it may be true.

Andrew took a restroom break during his shift. In a lot of customer-facing jobs, the bathroom is a place for a few moments of solace.

A quiet place with no interruptions. Normally.

But when a young boy peeked under Andrew’s stall, he immediately started laughing and filming the incident.

“I want someone to help me wash my hands,” the boy said fearlessly as he crawled under the door and began chatting with Andrew.

Andrew told him that his mom was probably outside and she could help him. The boy then unlocked the stall door and started to leave.

Andrew just laughed and asked him to shut the door behind him. “You just gotta lock it,” the boy responded when the door wouldn’t stay closed. Andrew thanked him and the boy went on his way.

Since tweeting the adorable encounter, it has been watched almost 9 million times.

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The boy’s father saw the video and reached out to Andrew not only apologizing for his son’s intrusion, but also thanking him for his sense of humor.

Andrew responded, “No no Mr. Stevens it’s ok he was just doing what kids do. I’m sure I did the same thing back in the day. You got a good kid he seems fearless and defiantly outgoing.”

Even on Twitter, Andrew continued to show respect and amazing customer service! I’m sure this is an experience Andrew nor the little boy will ever be able to forget.

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