A Chinese Company Tried to Use COVID Testing Sites to Collect American DNA: Report


When the COVID-19 pandemic first arrived in the United States, “the largest biotech firm in the world wasted no time in offering to build and run COVID testing labs in Washington,” according to a CBS News article on Thursday.

Furthermore, the company — Chinese-owned “BGI Group,” formerly named the “Beijing Genomics Institute” — was reported to have “made the same offer to at least five other states, including New York and California.”

Generous, right? It’s always great to see the international community band together in times of crisis.

If only that were true.

Regarding its “60 Minutes” interview with Director of the U.S. National Counterintelligence and Security Center Bill Evanina, CBS reported that the proposed COVID-19 testing labs backed by a Chinese organization, “along with other COVID testing offers by BGI, so worried Bill Evanina, then the country’s top counterintelligence officer, that he authorized a rare public warning.”

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The warning read: “Foreign powers can collect, store and exploit biometric information from COVID tests.”

Evanina reportedly issued the warning due to his concerns that China is attempting to obtain and control the world’s biodata.

In other words, China wants genetic information about every person on Earth (but mostly Americans), and they are willing to use whatever duplicity necessary to obtain that information.

Fortunately, no state signed up with BGI (which has close ties with the Chinese Communist Party), keeping Americans’ information safe … for now.

Do you believe the Biden administration will stand strong against China?

Evanina explained that “if a person’s current or future medical condition is known through DNA and other data, the entity that knows it can gain a monopoly over the therapy or drugs to treat them” — which would mean that China is trying to become the sole global supplier of medical technology.

China’s latest antics continue to illustrate their primary long-term goal — global supremacy.

According to The Bryan-College Station Eagle, “America is, once again, locked in a cold war, and its longterm survival could be in jeopardy.”

“The Chinese Communist Party is attempting to accomplish what the Soviet Union could not — dismantling our nation from the inside.”

Unlike the Soviet Union and its attempt at world domination, China does not intend on solely projecting power through military might. Instead, they seek to dominate the political and economic channels that Americans rely on, until the point when we unknowingly depend on China and China alone.

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Such a new approach requires a strong policy response — one that looks at our military as a piece of a wider puzzle that also includes economics and international diplomacy. Unfortunately, it appears President Joe Biden is not up to the challenge.

According to The Japan Times on Dec. 10, “Biden has been wrong on China almost his entire career.”

“Biden, as the lead Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, supported establishing Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) with Beijing on grounds that it would yield ‘economic benefits to the U.S.,’ ‘political reform in China’ and a positive ‘impact on our national security.'”

China is taking notice of such weakness.

CNN tweeted Monday that “China dispatched two large formations of warplanes close to the self-governing island of Taiwan over the weekend, presenting a significant foreign policy challenge to new US President Joe Biden.”

The 21st century may be defined by how the United States responds to the rise of China. The Biden administration needs to stand strong for the common good — otherwise, the consequences could be disastrous.

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