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Chip and Joanna Gaines Share Big News: 'Fixer Upper' Is Back, but with 1 Major Change


Chip and Joanna Gaines have made a huge impact on society. Their last name has become synonymous with wholesome fun and bright, airy makeovers.

The show that started it all for most people is “Fixer Upper,” which became wildly popular after its debut in 2013.

While the show ended in 2018 after five seasons, the “Magnolia” phenomenon has continued to spread to restaurants, books, shops, and now an entire network.

People love the Gaineses and their work, enough that it made sense to the couple to try something completely new: a network entirely dedicated to their craft and others with the same goals.

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Originally set to launch in the fall, the Magnolia Network is now slated to start next year. But there’s some other big news with that.

Chip tweeted the exciting update on Tuesday with a video that revealed the surprise.

“Everybody knows.. #fixerUpper is where we’ve been and @magnolianetwork is where we’re going!” he tweeted. “But what if we tied both together as a tribute to this new journey — for old times’ sake.”

“Fixer Upper: meet Magnolia Network. Magnolia Network: meet Fixer Upper! Feels pretty good to me.”

The video opens to the familiar couple in the truck as Chip drives Joanna to an undisclosed location. As they drive, she commented on the fact that he’d brought some tools along, and he responded that he brought it “just in case.”

Chip pulled up to a house, told Joanna to close her eyes and get out of the car, and then revealed a rather sad-looking house in need of a facelift.

“What did you do, Chip?” Joanna asked.

“I signed us up for another season of ‘Fixer Upper,'” he said. “I answered the office phone like you told me never to do.”

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“Well, can I tell you a little secret?” Joanna said. “I kinda missed it.”

Are you a 'Fixer Upper' fan?

And just like that, Season 6 is underway — but it won’t be on HGTV, as it will be airing on their new network.

“These past few years, we’ve continued tackling renovations and projects, doing the work we’re passionate about, but I don’t think either of us anticipated how the show would become such a permanent fixture in our hearts,” Chip and Joanna revealed in a statement, according to The Dallas Morning News.

“We’ve missed sharing the stories of these families and their homes with you, and we’re excited to do that again very soon!”

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