Classic Superhero Revives 'American Way' After Dumping Original Motto to Bow to Woke Mob


After years of seeing our favorite characters from childhood being perverted to fit the woke narrative, the latest installment of a classic superhero franchise suggests that we might be reaching a turning point.

On Thursday, the Daily Mail reported that director James Gunn had been tapped to direct “Superman: Legacy,” a new movie that promises to return to the roots of the iconic superhero after woke deviations were made to the character two years ago.

“Superman: Legacy,” set to release in 2025, will deal with Superman’s struggle to reconcile his aristocratic Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing in Smallville, Kansas.

It will also bring back Superman’s classic slogan “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.”

The new movie will hopefully be a welcome return to form for the classic comic book character after DC Comics, which publishes the Superman series, made a number of woke changes to the character in 2021 that were not received well by audiences.

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They changed Superman’s motto to “Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow,” presumably to fit the left’s insatiable belief in “progress,” and they had Superman come out as gay, releasing a comic book that featured him kissing a man.

Both revisions were badly received by the public, and that reception is likely part of the reason that DC is ditching the woke rewrites and instead focusing on the character’s American origins.

The film will not be released until 2025, so we do not know just yet if the film will live up to expectations, but this announcement gives us plenty of reason to be hopeful.

Will more comic books return to their roots in American values?

It could be a welcome relief from the barrage of sickening woke entertainment with which we are constantly bombarded.

A perfect example of the woke content comes, of course, from Disney. In the past year, Disney has released several woke rewrites of beloved superheroes, such as “She-Hulk” and “Ms. Marvel,” both of which were poorly received.

Disney is not only rewriting existing content; it’s creating wholly new woke content. In November 2022, it released “Strange World”, which featured the company’s “first openly gay teen star.” As one would expect, that also tanked.

Disney is not the only company that is guilty of this, however. Last month, HBO released “Velma”, a tasteless and offensive take on the popular “Scooby Doo” character. It, too, was a complete flop.

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As these examples show, people are getting sick and tired of constantly being bombarded with woke propaganda.

This is why a movie like “Superman: Legacy” would be such a welcome change if it came without any social or political agenda, but merely tried to tell a story about a beloved character.

From the studio’s statements, it sounds as if “Superman: Legacy” will be a genuine attempt to recapture what it is that people loved about Superman and return him to the American roots that make him who he is.

Woke, gay Superman only served to alienate audiences by completely destroying the beloved character. “Superman: Legacy” sounds like it could be an attempt to resurrect the character that audiences loved.

We should not celebrate too soon, but we do have reason to hope that the tide might finally be shifting.

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