Clinton WH Staffers Got Stuck With Omarosa Too, and Their Stories Are Horrible


If she wanted another 15 minutes of fame, former reality television star and White House staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman certainly got it. But this time it’s Clinton White House staffers granting it to the “Apprentice Villain.”

She’s already been publicly called out about a number of claims in her book, “Unhinged,” by various people she has mentioned in it. Thus far, they have all accused her of lying about what they said or did.

Some may claim that it is all just GOP or White House retaliation for her spilling the dirt on the current administration and her former boss. But the facts point to something else.

Manigault-Newman rose to fame in large part due to her appearances on the “Apprentice” franchise, hosted by now-President Donald Trump, prior to his election. Former cast-mate, journalist Piers Morgan, had nothing kind to say about her character:

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CNN political analyst April Ryan has also claimed Manigault-Newman is a liar and referenced her “crazy behavior.”

In February 2017, Ryan accused Manigualt-Newman of physically intimidating her. In response, Manigualt-Newman said Ryan was just trying to drum up book sales, according to Heavy. Then, when Manigualt-Newman began promoting her own book, Ryan unleashed on her, with her teeth-baring tweet going viral:

And now former Clinton White House staffers have been added to the fray, according to The Daily Caller. One significant thing noted is that while previously working for the Clinton administration, she went through four jobs in two years.

Do you believe Omarosa has been a problematic employee?

The reason, in part, appears to be a poor work ethic. Citing The New York Times, The Daily Caller wrote that under her desk was 13 months’ worth of mail to Vice President Al Gore, all unanswered.

Gore’s former office administrator, Mary Margaret Overbey, stated that Manigault-Newman “was the worst hire we ever made.”

But it gets worse.

Citing People, The Daily Caller reported that a former staffer complained that everyone else found themselves “in trouble” because Manigault-Newman “didn’t do her job.”

Manigault-Newman was transferred from one job to another, not lasting long in any of them. She eventually landed at the Commerce Department, where she also experienced a short tenure.

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There she was apparently so “disruptive” and “unqualified” that she had to be “removed.” It was so bad there that one fellow staffer reportedly “wanted to slug her.”

The Daily Caller added that Manigualt-Newman has also “reportedly embellished her job titles, tasks, and work performance on her resume.” A Howard University spokesperson even publicly denied that Manigualt-Newman had ever been a professor there.

The ongoing onslaught of public claims against Manigualt-Newman’s credibility sheds serious doubt on not just her as an individual, but her book, as well. That being said, given how easy it appears for some to “fail up” and the rampant spread of Trump Derangement Syndrome, it is unlikely she will suffer professionally because of the claims made against her.

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