CNN Analyst Exposes What Democrats Are Really Doing Behind Biden's Back


The Democratic Party is splintered despite its veneer of public unity, according to a CNN analyst.

That’s bad news for President Joe Biden, who wants his party to maintain a united front so he can enact his liberal agenda.

CNN analyst Rachael Bade, a reporter for The Washington Post, said Tuesday that many Democrats are “rolling their eyes privately” whenever Biden talks about bipartisanship.

Why? Because they don’t want to work with Republicans — and, more importantly, they don’t feel they have to because they control both chambers of Congress and the White House.

Appearing on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” Bade said Democrats want to press their advantage and ram through partisan legislation, such as the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. And if Republicans don’t support them, too bad, so sad.

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“You have Democrats who want to move quickly and who are sort of rolling their eyes privately at President Biden when he talks about bipartisanship,” she said. “Clearly there is a divide here.”

Bade said it’s not just Republicans who are balking at the high-priced relief bill; some Democrats are also concerned.

“The interesting thing, I think, to watch will be it’s not just Republicans who have expressed concern about this $2 trillion package,” she said. “Over the weekend, there were a couple of Democrats who also expressed concern with the price tag.”

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Sen. Angus King of Maine (an independent who caucuses with the Democrats) have both expressed concern over the bill.

Will the Democratic Party unite behind Biden?

Because of this, Democrats will still have to work through internal disagreements, even if they don’t care about building a consensus with their Republican peers.

“Perhaps that’s why Biden is trying to see can they do maybe a smaller package that’s more bipartisan, that can move together,” Bade explained.

“Because if they just say, ‘Forget the Republicans, we’re going to do this on a Democratic basis,’ they are still going to have some internal negotiating to do on things like increasing minimum wage, how big are the checks going to be. And it’s going be a lot of debate internally with Democrats.”

Biden unveiled his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan on Jan. 14. The package includes stimulus checks of $1,400 per person. That’s in addition to the $600 checks Congress approved in December.

That would bring stimulus payments to a total of $2,000 per person — an amount former President Donald Trump previously called for.

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Meanwhile, some Democrats are accusing Biden of reneging on his promise to give $2,000 stimulus checks to financially struggling Americans. He had promised to do so if Democrats won control of the Senate in the Jan. 5 Georgia runoff elections.

“$2,000 means $2,000,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York told The Washington Post. “$2,000 does not mean $1,400.”

Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri also tweeted that Biden should follow through on his pre-election promise to voters.

Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package would also increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, which critics insist is untenable and would ultimately result in more unemployment.

The bottom line is that even though Democrats secured unified control of Congress and the White House, Biden’s dubious presidency won’t necessarily be a cakewalk.

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