CNN Hails JFK's 'Legendary Love Life' After Hammering Trump as Womanizer


After dedicating weeks to castigating President Donald Trump for his womanizing ways, CNN described former President John Kennedy’s sexual encounters as “legendary” in a promotion for a network documentary.

A Saturday CNN tweet teased Kennedy’s affair with actress Judith Campbell Exner, which occurred while he was in the Oval Office. At the time, Exner also was believed to have been intimate with Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana.

Kennedy biographer Larry Sabato indicated that the president’s relationship with Exner was only one of many sexual dalliances, which also included an alleged East German spy, multiple White House interns and probably actress Marilyn Monroe.

Ellen Rometsch reputedly acted as a high-end call girl for many on Capitol Hill during the early 1960s after marrying an American serviceman and coming to the U.S. from Germany.

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She was deported back to East Germany in August 1963 (months before JFK’s assassination), reportedly at the direction of then Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

RFK knew if word of his brother’s connection to the spy were made public, it would likely bring down his presidency.

Far from “legendary,” Kennedy’s alleged sexual encounters with 19-year-old intern Mimi Alford were lewd and predatory.

In a 2012 interview with NBC News, Alford stated within days of starting work at the White House, she received an invitation to the residence upstairs, where the president was waiting. He then directed her into his wife’s bedroom, before undressing her and taking her virginity.

Do you think CNN has been hypocritical in its coverage of Trump's alleged affairs?

Another time, Kennedy allegedly directed the intern to perform oral sex on White House aide Dave Powers, while JFK watched. Alford wrote it was a dare, which she was ashamed to say she accepted. The intern recalled being “deeply embarrassed” afterward. Kennedy later apologized to both of them, apparently recognizing he had crossed many lines.

However, a few months later, he asked Alford to do the same for his brother, Sen. Ted Kennedy, but she refused.

While CNN described Kennedy’s “love life” in glamorous terms, the same verbiage was not afforded to Trump.

As reported by The Western Journal, the network dedicated an inordinate amount of time to the former reality television personality’s alleged relationships with porn star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy playmate Karen McDougal, both of which occurred years before Trump became president.

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked both women the most intimate details about their encounters with Trump, including whether or not he used a condom.

Many took to social media to highlight CNN’s hypocrisy.

Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro wrote, “But was JFK’s love life really legendary? In actuality, JFK was an awful person in the bedroom who certainly would have been labeled a sexual predator in this #MeToo moment.”

“Remember, this is the same network currently shellacking President Trump for bedding a porn star while married, and hosting her on the air to ask about Trump’s condom use,” Shapiro added.

The Daily Caller’s Amber Athey agreed, tweeting that Cooper should look into whether Kennedy wore a condom.

Fox News personality Sean Hannity put together a montage of CNN’s coverage on Daniels, which gives a good sense just how often the network has addressed the topic.

Hannity also highlighted CNN’s hypocrisy noting the scant coverage it gave to former President Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual harassment of Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey, and his reported rape of Juanita Broaddrick.

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