From the Comfort of His Studio Set, Elitist Actor Mocks Americans Who Want To Work


There was a time when NBC’s comedy sketch show “Saturday Night Live” was actually very funny.

The show’s constantly evolving ensemble cast has entertained millions of people since launching in 1975, and despite the exits of high-profile actors throughout the decades, the show remained a weekend mainstay for years.

Some might argue SNL lost its luster in the late 1990s or early 2000s, while others contend the experiment in TV comedy ended abruptly when Chevy Chase moved on in 1977.

Those who no longer watch the show might disagree about when the show lost its charm, but the one thing not up for debate among them is that SNL is no longer watchable for all audiences.

Worse than that, the show’s current cast of forgettable faces seems to place pushing leftist politics over entrainment, and some even place being mean-spirited and snarky over attempting to elicit genuine laughter.

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Cast member Pete Davidson, 27, notably mocked GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas in 2018 for losing an eye while fighting for his country in Afghanistan as a Navy SEAL.

Crenshaw of course wears an eye patch.

Two years later, Davidson the apparent elitist still embodies everything wrong with the former hit show.

Do you watch "Saturday Night Live"?

Davidson on Saturday used a portion of his time on the show’s “Weekend Update” segment to insult two New York City pub owners who are facing harassment from the government after refusing to close down their business following the city’s orders.

The state, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, deemed their neighborhood in Staten Island a hotspot for reported coronavirus cases, and so business as usual has, for now, been deemed illegal.

Danny Presti and Keith McAlarney, the proprietors of Staten Island’s Mac’s Public House, had their liquor license revoked last week and have been heavily fined for refusing orders to shutter the business’s dining room and potentially face going broke.

Presti was actually arrested early Sunday morning.

The two men now represent resistance to New York’s Democrat-led charge against small businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic, and they are supported by many in their neighborhood.

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The pub owners and their supporters have challenged Democrats and their COVID restrictions, so of course they drew the ire of SNL and Davidson, who is from Staten Island himself.

“I saw the protests, people were outside the bar shouting about freedom, talking to cops, chanting that they should arrest the governor, but it’s Staten Island, so I just assumed that it was just a typical last call,” the comedian said on Saturday night.

Davidson explained that Mac’s, like other businesses in the area, wouldn’t be able to serve customers inside the restaurant, as only outdoor dining is permitted.

But then he further chided them.

“I’m just happy I’m no longer the first thing people think of when they say, ‘What’s the worst thing about Staten Island?’” he joked.

Davidson scoffed at the men and those who support individual liberty.

“And the owner said, no one wants to do that because they’ll go out of business,” Davidson said.

Ironically, Davidson was at work when he chided the everyday people from his old community for resisting efforts from the government which might send them into bankruptcy.

The only joke during the segment was Davidson, which is good, as he appears to enjoy engaging in self-deprecating humor.

Davidson, who is reportedly worth several million dollars, had the audacity to hurl insults at struggling small business owners from the comfort of his high-profile gig.

Other New Yorkers, meanwhile, are fighting to preserve their livelihoods.

SNL hasn’t volunteered to close down production to stave off potential cases among the show’s staff and guests.

Are we to believe that the coronavirus can’t spread at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, where comedy hasn’t had a pulse for some time?

Perhaps Americans might be better off if Lorne Michaels and NBC finally pulled the plug on SNL.

Tens of millions of Americans identify as conservative, and those who do still watch the show must get their kicks from shallow cynicism, not comedy.

Cynicism can actually be damaging to one’s heart, according to the National Institute of Health.

A study previously published by the agency’s National Center for Biotechnology Information concluded that “cynical, hostile attitudes toward others” can be connected to cardiovascular disease.

If that’s the case, “Saturday Night Live” itself could at this point be labeled a public health threat.

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