Congress Being Kept in the Dark on 1 Big Detail About What Biden's Doing with Illegal Immigrants


Illegal aliens who are barraging the border daily are being secretly funneled to countless states and cities across the nation — without the knowledge of Congress or the American people.

In a letter Thursday to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and  Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, 34 Republican members of Congress demanded that the Biden administration stop abetting the migrant flood into the country and reveal where it’s dispersing the armies of unvetted illegal aliens.

Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas, a former judge, spearheaded the demand for transparency, citing the safety of Americans in the areas that are being used as dumping grounds for illegal aliens — many of whom are infected with COVID-19.

He and other Republicans urged the Biden administration to release the following information within the next 30 days:

• The name and location of each U.S. city and town where illegal immigrants have been sent, transported or provided ability or funding to travel to, or allowed to travel to by other funding, including their own or private funding for all individuals who entered the U.S. without visas.

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• For each named U.S. city or town, the total number of immigrants who have been sent, transported, or provided ability or funding to travel to, or allowed to travel to by other funding including their own or private funding to such city or town.

The lawmakers slammed the Biden administration for undoing the tremendous progress former President Donald Trump and his administration had achieved in stemming illegal border crossings, which have now soared to record highs.

“It wasn’t long ago that — thanks to the leadership and vision of President Trump — the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border was under control,” Gohmert said in a statement. “Now, after being lured here by misleading promises from the current President, our Southern border has become complete pandemonium, with criminality running rampant.

“As a result, many illegal immigrants are receiving all-expenses-paid trips, oftentimes courtesy of U.S. taxpayers, to American cities across the country. Congress, and more importantly, the American people, have a right to know how many of these individuals will be flooding their neighborhoods.”

The Republicans pointed out that even left-wing media outlets such as CNN and The Washington Post have reported on the unprecedented daily border sieges, which are enabling predatory human smuggling, drug trafficking and child abuse.

The letter noted that the migrants themselves are suffering due to the squalid conditions at overcrowded detention centers, which are bursting at the seams.

Why? Because the temporary holding facilities were never intended to house tens of thousands of illegal aliens at a time.

“Also difficult to quantify is the enormous impacts to our citizens in border states who continue to suffer property damage and loss, as well as threats to their own safety and that of their families and neighbors,” the letter said.

“The widespread abuse and criminality does not end at the border, because we know many of these illegal aliens end up in cities across the nation.”

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The legislators then reminded Biden that his duty is to enforce longstanding immigration laws, which career politicians like him approved decades ago.

“It must be reiterated that members of the executive branch have a duty and many have sworn an oath that would include the requirement to carry out the lawfully enacted legislation under the Constitution,” the letter underscored.

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For the American president to flout U.S. laws (that he helped pass as a senator) by encouraging foreign nationals to violate them is a gross dereliction of executive duty.

“With an open border facilitating illegal entry into our nation and the manifold resulting criminalities, the executive branch is failing miserably in its duty,” the letter declared.

Indeed, inciting armies of illegal aliens to cavalierly disregard U.S. sovereignty by breaching its borders could be considered an impeachable offense.

Meanwhile, American citizens and lawful residents have no idea who’s being covertly implanted into their cities and towns.

In an alarming March 31 report titled “Catch and Bus,” the Center for Immigration Studies revealed that thousands of illegal aliens who snuck across the border are being transplanted all over the United States.

Last month, buses departing from Texas dropped off “their Haitian, Venezuelan, and Cuban passengers in Florida and New Jersey,” the report said.

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“Those from Nicaragua and other Central American nations have been delivered to Tennessee, Massachusetts, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, and to large cities in Texas such as Dallas and Houston.”

The CIS report said buses roll out seven days a week to transport migrants all over the country — and maybe into your neighborhood.

“Tens of thousands of immigrants caught illegally crossing the border and then released under the new leniency policy of President Joe Biden are now dispersing to four corners of the United States on buses, with some of the more moneyed ones taking passenger jets,” it said.

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