Convicted Murderer of Two Babies Gets the Full California Treatment: A Taxpayer-Funded Sex Change Followed by Transfer to Women's Prison


Politics runs downstream from culture.

In California, policy is apparently downstream from the state’s entertainment industry and its sick contributions to the cultural decline.

In a story that appears as though it could have been pulled from a sick dystopian Hollywood movie or TV series, a convicted child murderer has had a sex change surgery at the expense of taxpayers.

That man, like one of the celebrated characters on the Netflix prison series “Orange Is the New Black,” now resides alongside actual women in a facility for female convicts after identifying a transgender woman.

A man who goes by Jessica Hann, but was born Jason Michael Hann, was previously sentenced to death for the separate murders of his infant son and toddler daughter two decades ago. Both children were murdered and their bodies were shuffled around the country before they were ultimately discarded in storage units.

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In a 2014 story reporting on Hann’s death sentence, the Desert Sun reported: “Jason Michael Hann, 39, admitted to killing two of his children weeks after they were born, according to trial documents. The infants’ bodies were discovered 1,500 miles apart from each other in separate storage units and in advanced stages of decomposition.”

“Hann seemed emotionless as Riverside Superior Court Judge James Hawkins denied a motion from the defense to lower the death penalty to life without parole, upholding the jury’s original recommendation,” the Sun added.

Hann is an inmate in California’s prison system, so despite a death sentence, you knew he would go on drawing in air every day at the expense of already overburdened taxpayers. According to The Daily Caller, Hann is now the recipient of some real California justice.

The depraved killer of his own children has been given cosmetic surgeries which make him look feminine and he is now serving his sentence at a women’s prison.

According to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation inmate website, Hann is at the Central California Women’s Facility located in Chowchilla.

KESQ-TV, citing a metamorphosis in Hann’s mugshots, initially reported it confirmed the child killer’s so-called “gender-affirming surgery” in February of 2019, although CDCR Health Care Communications Chief Liz Gransee refused to comment on Hann’s case specifically.

The Daily Caller confirmed through a CDCR official this past week that Hann was sent to the women’s prison in February of 2020.

Hann’s children, Jason and Montana, are dead while the man who killed them is serving his time and playing dress-up near their mother, a woman named Krissy Lynn Werntz, at the Central California Women’s Facility.

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Werntz was given a life sentence with the possibility of parole after she was found guilty of assisting Hann with killing the children.

California, which is somewhat of an insane asylum for politicians the state’s voters continue to elect, has ensured that a man who murdered his own children is receiving the best care possible. That care included an expensive cosmetic surgery that Democrats just paid for on printed money in the blue state bailout known as last month’s COVID relief bill.

That is money borrowed from the futures of children who haven’t been born yet.

Do you think the voters in California will ever change their voting habits?

California will gladly accept the reimbursement for Hann’s surgery, room and board. By entertaining Hann’s absurd delusions about being a woman, the state also gave him shelter from other men in California’s prison system.

Despite their own egregious crimes, even the worst among us generally aren’t too fond of being around people who harm children.

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