Cop Pulls Up Behind Car Parked in Snowy Street, Soon Realizes He's Been Pranked


There is no such thing as a “typical day” in the life of a police officer. Every day brings with it new challenges and situations that must be addressed.

Sometimes cops are faced with dangerous situations such as attempting to arrest armed suspects.

Sometimes the situations are heartbreaking, such as dealing with domestic violence or removing children from homes.

Sometimes even things that may seem mundane, such as giving out tickets, can take an unexpected twist. It is at times such as these that it is a good thing some cops have a sense of humor.

WUSA reported on one such situation, when a Montreal, Canada, police officer came across an illegally parked vehicle, covered with snow. He called for backup and was going to write a ticket.

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You can imagine the situation — or perhaps you’ve been a recipient of such a ticket yourself. There’s a car in the way, parked in the wrong spot, and now the owner is going to regret their choice.

It happens often enough that nothing seemed out of the ordinary at first. Plus it was dark, making it even more difficult to tell where snow ended and car began.

But then the story took a crazy twist. According to WJLA, the officers then discovered that the Delorean wasn’t an actual car at all, but a snow sculpture.

The officers had been pranked. The “vehicle” that was “parked” in the road, in the way of the snow plows, was really just a big pile of sculpted snow.

And now the culprit has been identified, publicly outing himself and the whole thing on social media. Even though it got fewer than 2,000 shares, the story has gotten some international attention.

Apparently, L. S. D. Laprise Simon Designs created the snow car and posted photos, including those with the cops, on Facebook.

This was a risky move given the fact that he had left his snow creation in the way of snow removal vehicles.

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The cops, good sense of humor intact, did leave him a ticket, of sorts. But they had a message written on it instead of a fine.

The message was “You made our night hahahahaha :)”. The snow sculptor’s own message on Facebook was to “laugh” about the whole thing with a “Muahahaha.”

While it is never advisable to intentionally violate the law, in this instance, a little mischief went a long way in giving hard-working cops a laugh.

And their good-humored response went a long way in showing cops are not the monsters they are sometimes made out to be.

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