Cop Spots Elderly Woman Dancing Outside Alone. Dash Cam Catches Moment Cop Stops & Joins Her


Police officers have a unique opportunity to see us for who we really are. Each and every day they see the best we have to offer along with the worst that we can be.

They also have opportunities to see us at our most unguarded, when we throw our inhibitions out the door and be free.

It’s during those times to, as the motivational posters tell us, “Get out and dance.”

At 92 years old, Millie Seiver of Austin, Minnesota, has not lost her love of dancing. She enjoys “cutting a rug,” only without a stage; she’s taken to the street.

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Police Sgt. Kim Lenz has said that she’s seen Seiver out before. “I’ve seen her a few times, dancing by herself,” she told, “She brightens my day.”

On this particular day, the 10-year patrol veteran happened across the dancing Seiver and decided to do more than just smile and wave.

Lenz hopped out of her patrol car and struck up a conversation with Seiver.

Seiver told Lenz that she walks every day, and some days, she does a little bit more. “When she gets tired of walking, she starts dancing,” Lenz said.

Lenz decided to take a twirl too. She found the radio station Seiver was listening to and cranked it up on the car’s speakers.

Thankfully, the dash cam was running and captured the next moments. Moments that have people on the internet swooning.

The two danced to Brother Osborne’s “Stay a Little Longer.”

After the dance was over and the video was posted, Lenz couldn’t believe the reaction her dance brought.

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She stopped in to see Seiver a few days later, telling her, “You brightened my day and now you’re brightening the whole world’s day one view at a time.” One can only imagine how full her dance card is now.

When you watch the video, try and look past the labels of a police officer and senior citizen.

Instead, just see them for what they are — two people enjoying a moment of connection.

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