Cops Nab Dem Operative from Soros Org After Vicious Attack on Female GOP Worker


Democrat leaders called for it and they have been getting it, in a big way.

Violence and harassment from leftists against the right continues to grow, with an attack in Las Vegas on Tuesday now being added to the list.

Fox News reported that an operative for American Bridge 21st Century Democrat, an organization funded by billionaire liberal George Soros, has been arrested by police.

He was accused of “battery” against a “female campaign manager for Nevada GOP gubernatorial nominee Adam Laxalt.” He has been identified as Wilfred Michael Stark III, age 50.

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Stark allegedly “burst into the room” where the campaign manager, Kristin Davison, was talking to Laxalt and campaign staffers, according to a statement Davison gave to Fox on Wednesday.

Elaborating on the frightening events that unfolded, she said, “We’re used to trackers, but this guy was very physical — pushing me, pushing into members of my staff, screaming. This man was physically, almost body-checking me.”

“I was getting nervous for my safety, so we left, and went into an open room.” She explained that Stark then bust through the closed door.

Do you believe the left's stance of harassment and violence against the right will get worse?

“Two male staffers were trying to hold him back. He was so aggressive, he looked like he was going to towards the candidate to physically harm him.”

Davison, standing in the doorway, said she then became his immediate target.

“He grabbed my right arm, my leg was lodged between the door and the wall. He twisted my arm, and contorted it behind my back,” she said.

“I was scared. Every time I tried pulling away, he would grab tighter, and pull me closer into him.”

She said that when he pulled her into him, her head was pulled into his chest, bruising her neck. “I was scared and screaming, ‘stop — you’re hurting me.’”

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Things then took an ever darker turn. Unfazed by her pleas, Stark allegedly used them against his assumed true target, Laxalt.

He told the candidate, “Adam, there’s only one way you can make this stop.” Davison said of the warning, “That really scared me.”

Campaign spokesman Parker Briden issued a statement to Fox that said, “Assaulting the female campaign manager of the opposing campaign is disgusting and it has no place in our system. This mob behavior from the left is out of control.”

He alluded to recent statements by big-name Democrats, such as former Attorney General Eric Holder, as being responsible for such incidents.

“Encouraging violence, as many prominent Democrats like former Attorney General Eric Holder have recently done, is having real, dangerous consequences.”

Of note, this is not Stark’s first arrest for such behavior.

Months ago, according to The Washington Times, he “was arrested for allegedly assaulting the female press secretary for Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.”

Coincidentally, the same day Fox published its report on the Davison attack, Breitbart published an update to its attack “Rap Sheet,” noting that the count for harassment and violent attacks by the left against the right was now up to 600 incidents. At last view, it edged just past that at 603.

Among those on the left calling for harassment against the right are California Rep. Maxine Waters. She’s been called out over it, but that doesn’t seem to faze her.

Joining her ship of fools was Holder, who last week spoke about violence against the right.

The pair are joined in their madness by twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The former first lady and former secretary of state said that civil behavior from the left was something liberals “cannot” do until they get political power back in the House or Senate.

Not to be outdone, California Rep. Nancy Peolosi, the gift that keeps on giving to the right, jumped into the fray. In an interview Sunday with The New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, she was very nonchalant about “collateral damage” for those with differing views, as The Gateway Pundit reported.

The Democrat emphasis on harassment that’s leading to violence is causing revulsion on the right.

Radio talk show host Mark Simone took it a step further. He gave an example of violence occuring immediately after such calls.

Is it any wonder that the #WalkAway movement is gaining traction? Most Americans don’t seem to be interested in violent rhetoric or such open and ongoing hostility in politics. They believe in the First Amendment and want to live in peace within their communities.

The left is killing its own cause with making these calls rather then condemning the harassment and violence of their supporters. Liberals must masochistically be enthralled with losing, because that appears to be what they are ensuring for themselves with this rhetoric and behavior.

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