Cops Pull Over Man Wearing Bud Light Can Costume - Then Arrest Him for Drunk Driving


Just when the cops think they’ve seen it all, the American public pulls a new stunt out of their bag of Stupid Human Tricks.

This time it happened in Ottawa, Kansas, where a sheriff’s deputy found himself giving a field sobriety test to a guy in a Bud Light costume.

Even the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office got a kick out of that one, as evidenced by their post on Facebook, which turned the incident into a sort of tongue-in-cheek recruitment ad.

“A career in law enforcement is exciting, and you get to experience something new every day,” the department’s post read.

“Sometimes you see things you can’t believe!

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“Yesterday, our deputies were notified of a possible intoxicated driver traveling northbound on Interstate 35. The vehicle was located and eventually pulled over.

“Deputies were surprised to see that the driver was wearing a beer can costume.

“Yes, you read that correctly,” the post assured readers.

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Sure enough, the accompanying photo from the dashcam on the deputy’s vehicle showed an officer watching a man, arms outstretched, wearing a shiny blue cylindrical getup with the Bud Light logo on it.

Evidently, the sobriety test did not go well for the driver, as the department reported he was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence and was taken to the Franklin County Jail.

“As always, suspects are innocent until proven guilty,” the post concluded.

Comments on the post showed little sympathy for the DUI suspect.

“When you think you’ve seen it all,” one person commented.

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“Identifies as sober,” another joked. “Nothing to see here.”

“Bad time to show up in jail in that costume,” observed one, making reference to the beer brand’s recent partnership with a transgender influencer, which resulted in a boycott that led to plummeting sales over the ad campaign.

Some even remembered to give credit where it’s due, showing appreciation to the sheriff’s department for keeping the community safe.

“Thank you guys for the laugh and for getting him off the street!” one person commented.

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Lorri Wickenhauser has worked at news organizations in California and Arizona. She joined The Western Journal in 2021.
Lorri Wickenhauser has worked at news organizations in California and Arizona. She joined The Western Journal in 2021.