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Country Singer Rescued by Police After Getting Lost on His Own 30-Acre Property


It’s hard to understand how wild some places are. With our phones, electricity, close neighbors and internet, it’s nearly impossible to realize there are places with none of those things unless you’ve experienced them firsthand.

Country singer Kane Brown has now experienced that phenomenon. A new owner of 30 acres nestled among 3,000, he wanted to check out his property one evening but got a little more of an adventure than he bargained for.

“Someone help! I’m lost….?… ALL JOKES ASIDE,” he posted on Facebook after the ordeal, according to People.

“The real story is I moved into a new house. I own 30 acres of 3000 around me,” he went on. “I told my wife I wanted to go check out the property I’ll be 30 minutes.”

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Brown had gone out with his friend and friend’s girlfriend. He’d left his phone back at the truck, and his friend’s phone only had seven percent battery.

Thirty minutes stretched into three hours, and it was getting dark. It got cold, down to 40 degrees, and started raining. They tried to get back home but the GPS kept navigating them over terrain they couldn’t cross.

At his wit’s end, and after exhausting their own abilities, Brown turned to a neighbor and friend, musician Ryan Upchurch — but they still weren’t out of the woods yet.

“So I called my last resort,” he wrote. “He has four other friends riding around in a canam and they start getting shot at.”

“My buddy’s girl who has asthma started then freaking out. We HAD to get her out. So we call the cops.”

“The cops arrive and hear the gun shots and think we are shooting at them. We yell at them and tell them we are not armed and made it out.”

Upchurch took to social media to explain his friend’s predicament and cover for him.

“OK, look,” he said in the video. “I see all the memes and stuff about Kane Brown. Yeah, they’re kinda funny. But here’s the fact of the matter, man. You weren’t there. I was there.”

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“Kane got lost in the woods, on property that he freshly just got to, doesn’t really know that well. He goes out riding, gets lost, it gets dark, he can’t find his way out.”

He went on to explain that even though he and his brother were able to track Brown and his friends down, they then ran out of gas and lost phone service, rendering them helpless as well.

“When you’re in pitch black and your eyeballs are open and you can’t even see your hand in front of your face, and you’re on thousands of acres that you’ve never even been on before, it’s kinda hard to find your way out. Just sayin’,” he explained.

All is well that ends well, and Brown is back home, perhaps with a healthy respect for the wild unknown, but hopefully also with a renewed — and more informed — sense of adventure.

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