Watch: Crowder Interrupts Professor in the Middle of Class To Confront Him over Slander


It sometimes seems that “fake news” and false accusations are everywhere. It’s almost like anyone can make any outrageous claim about anyone else and no consequences will befall them.

What would you do if it happened to you? When it happened to conservative podcast host Steven Crowder, he videotaped what he did and shared it for the whole world to see.

In the video description on YouTube, it reads, “Steven Crowder confronts a slanderous ‘Logic’ professor. This professor posted fake tweets attributed to Steven. And stated Steven threatened his son! “

“Owen Benjamin joins Steven to teach this professor’s students REAL logic, Cause he sure isn’t.” Both Crowder and Benjamin wore costumes for the event.

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One area of contention for Crowder was that fake tweets, attributed to him, were being shared by Professor Charles Hermes of UT Arlington. Bear in mind, it is easy to create such things with any number of fake tweet creation apps available to the public.

When Crowder confronted Hermes in his classroom, a visual aid was used showing the various fake tweets and false claims that had been made. Crowder shared short clips and stills from the confrontation on Twitter:

One fake tweet purported that Crowder talked about putting a certain group in “the oven.”

Do you think Steven Crowder should file a defamation lawsuit?

An alleged false claim by Hermes against Crowder was that he threatened to kill Hermes’ son.

As the full video plays, a “slander counter” in the upper right corner tracks all the times the professor allegedly slanders Crowder. By the end of the full confrontation video, which runs less than eight minutes, the counter has hit eight.

Eventually, Hermes left the classroom and headed out to get help in dealing with Crowder. However, the school administration didn’t seem all that interested in why Crowder was there or what the professor had allegedly done.

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Crowder and crew were eventually escorted out by campus police. Crowder did admit to “disrupting” the professor’s class.

Crowder noted at the end of his video that he has a huge platform to fight back with, and some semblance of protection from losing his jobs over the false claims made against him. Others are not so fortunate.

So it was for them he decided to tackle the issue, because if he addressed every similar thing, he’d never produce any other content. In a follow-up video with his “half asian lawyer Bill Richmond,” he said he wasn’t interested in filing a defamation lawsuit against Hermes, but some felt he should.

For those people, him doing so would send a clear message that may help protect them down the line from also being victims.

Crowder filing suit may help discourage others from feeling so emboldened to defame those with whom they disagree.

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