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Dad Breaks Down in Tears After Son Tells Him He's Paid Off Entire Mortgage


Pranksters gain a reputation and leave newly minted cynics in their wake. A person can only take so many fake lottery tickets and be the butt of so many sarcastic setups before he stops trusting.

So when a schemer actually does something nice, it can be hard for the target to accept.

Jamie Nyland of Gloucestershire, England, is a prankster who has made a name for himself on social media. He has 183,000 subscribers on YouTube and 2.4 million followers on TikTok.

“On this channel you can expect lots of challenges, funny videos and entertainment as I bring you daily content of my life!” his YouTube page says.

And he delivers on that count — plenty of pranks are pulled, many on his father, Richard, who plays the hapless victim rather well.

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But not all of Nyland’s videos center around pranks. The one that’s gotten him the most notice recently highlights a major act of kindness he created for his dad, with a bit of a twist at the end.

“I just paid off my dads house,” the text at the beginning reads. The video, which now has over 3.8 million views, opens with Nyland tossing his father a set of keys.

Richard looked up and asked what they’re for.

“I’ve just paid off your mortgage,” Nyland said.

“No you haven’t,” Richard said in disbelief.

“I’ve just literally rang the bank and paid off every single penny left on your mortgage, you now own this whole house,” Nyland insisted.

“You’ve worked your whole life and I’ve just paid off your whole house for you, so now you can actually retire.”

“I just can’t take it from you,” Richard said, wiping away tears. “You’re the best son in the world you can have.”

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But Richard had a surprise of his own. He asked his son to hold out his hand, then plopped the keys back into Nyland’s palm.

“It’s in the will,” he explained. “For you to own my house. What’s mine is yours. And I love you too, so much. It’s all yours.”

Nyland has been appreciating the airtime the story has gotten, saying repeatedly that it was crazy how far their special father-son moment has gone. Many have responded with kind messages, telling Nyland how his videos have kept them going even in difficult circumstances — exactly what every entertainer wants to hear.

“I know I’ve done a lot of pranks on the channel … but, you know, this type of stuff is just crazy to me,” Nyland said in a video on YouTube. “I just want to say thank you guys. If you sent me a message on anything — whether it was YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook … anything at all, just thank you guys for the kind messages.”

He thanked everyone who’s interacted with his content and promised to make more quality videos.

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