Dad Hears Son Scream for Help. Can't Believe When He Finds Him Stuck in Chest of Drawers


Children sometimes get into the most awkward situations that not even mom and dad can explain.

Parents dealing with toddlers or young kids know all too well how smart, cunning, and curious they can be.

Well, one father recently dealt with a situation that left him perplexed.

In a viral Facebook video posted by Metro, the dad made his way into a room after hearing his son scream for help.

He could clearly hear his son’s voice, but he couldn’t see him. The dad was soon in disbelief when he found him stuck in a most unlikely spot.

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“How did you get in there?” the man asked his son. The kid tried explaining his case.

Apparently, the little boy crawled under the stand and maneuvered his way into the chest of drawers. Once he realized his mistake, he called for help.

Why he decided that would be a good idea in the first place is anyone’s guess. The boy himself may not know: sometimes kids just do things to see if they can. And he could.

Still baffled by the unusual escapade, the dad asked his son to show him exactly where he was located.

That’s when a foot popped out from underneath the chest and a hand revealed itself between two drawers.

With a small chuckle, the dad asked,”You managed to shove yourself up behind all the drawers? And now you’re stuck? And you can’t get out?”

In a calm tone, the child answered “yep” to all three questions. Dad eventually pulled out one of the drawers to find his son smiling right back at him.

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He told the kid that he would pull him out through one of the drawers, but at that point, all the kid wanted was his mom or grandma to do the job.

The short clip definitely had some commenters laughing.

One person even shared a possible solution for the dad. “[Leave] the kid. when he gets hungry enough, he will figure a way out,” they said.

This dad definitely has something on his hands. We can only guess what kind of shenanigans this kiddo will get into in the future.

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