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Dad Has Medical Emergency: Son, 4, Comforts Him While Daughter, 6, Calls Police


It’s not every day that your kid will end up saving your life by refusing to go to school, but that’s precisely what happened for one family in Eliot, Maine.

Kindergartener Macie Semrau, 6, did not want to go to school on April 12. She put up such a fight that her mom, Kate Semrau, decided to let her stay home with her 4-year-old brother and her dad.

Kyle Semrau, 37, works a night shift, and on the morning of April 12 he wasn’t feeling great — but soon he was feeling much worse.

Macie recalled hearing her father suddenly start shouting. She and brother Caleb ran to find him going in and out of consciousness in the basement.

In between Semrau’s blackouts, the 6-year-old got him to tell her his iPhone passcode. She then was able to use Safari to search for the local police and talk to the department’s administrative assistant after finding their business number.

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Meanwhile, Caleb did what he could to comfort his dad until help arrived.

After first responders arrived and took over, Semrau was taken to the Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, where he spent three days and was given multiple liters of oxygen.

But thanks to Macie, he was alive, a fact that was not lost on the grateful father.

“On Tuesday I had an incident at home due to an ongoing issue that had affected my sinuses and lungs,” Semrau posted on Facebook. “My 6 year old daughter was able to navigate my phone and call for help. I’m almost certain she saved my life.

“I am home and doing well and wanted to make sure everyone who has reached out knows I am forever grateful for you! In the blink of an eye you don’t know how much your life can change.

“Teach your kids emergency scenarios, teach them life events that school might not cover, street smarts and being alert. Life is short, but mine just got longer because of Macie, my daughter. Much love to all!!”

The Eliot Police Department was also impressed with the little heroine’s actions, sharing her story on its Facebook page.

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“An incredible story of Macie’s quick thinking and courageous actions that helped save her dad during a medical emergency,” the post read. “Great job, Macie!!!”

“It sounds like the moon and the stars aligned,” Eliot Police Chief Elliot Moya added, according to the Portsmouth Herald.

“Just incredible all around,” Semrau said. “I’m very lucky, obviously because of my daughter and son and the [police] response. It was quick.”

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