DCCC Chairman Forced to Issue Embarrassing Correction After Rittenhouse Verdict


The chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had to retract a statement following the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse Friday after he falsely claimed that Jacob Blake was both unarmed and killed when he was shot by Kenosha police past year.

Democratic Rep. Sean Maloney of New York, speaking on behalf of the DCCC Friday afternoon, shared his disdain over the fact that Rittenhouse was rightly cleared of any wrongdoing in the deaths of two men in Kenosha last year during a riot which was supported by his party.

“It’s disgusting and disturbing that someone was able to carry a loaded assault rifle into a protest against the unjust killing of Jacob Blake, an unarmed Black man, and take the lives of two people and injure another – and face absolutely no consequences,” Maloney said after Rittenhouse was found not guilty by a Wisconsin jury.

Maloney added that there are “one set of rules for some Americans, and very different standards for others.”

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Maloney can say that again. Conservatives are currently feeling the wrath of the politicized federal government and its disdain for lawful gun owners and parents who don’t want their children taught about critical race theory and gender confusion.

But while Maloney was playing the victim for the anti-prison Democrats over the fact that Rittenhouse isn’t right now waiting to see which federal penitentiary he’ll call his forever home, he missed on a couple of basic facts.

Jacob Blake was shot by Kenosha officers last summer. Maloney got that much right.

Were you surprised the jury found Kyle Rittenhouse innocent?

But Blake didn’t die, and he was not unarmed. He was actually in possession of a knife as he ignored the commands of police officers, who probably would have preferred arresting him without incident for alleged sexual assault.

Although Blake is now a paraplegic as a result of the shooting, he didn’t die. Here was Blake, not dead, on ABC’s “Good Morning America” back in January:

In any event, Maloney became aware of his erroneous recounting of Blake’s “death,” apparently after it was pointed out by others, and he did correct the record with an embarrassing update.

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“We sent out an incorrect version of our statement. Here is the corrected version. Apologies,” tweeted DCCC communications director Chris Hayden, who shared an updated quote from Maloney.

In his updated statement, Maloney wrote: “It’s disgusting and disturbing that someone was able to carry a loaded assault rifle into a protest against the unjust shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man, and take the lives of two people and injure another – and face absolutely no consequences.”

He simply replaced “killing” with “shooting” and “unarmed Black man” with “Black man.”

Democrats are so concerned about their narratives that they rarely bother to let the facts get in the way.

The narrative in this case was set a long time ago. A white kid with a rifle that Democrats think looks scary shot three grown white men in an effort to save his own life as they attacked him. Two of those men are now dead, and the country’s ruling party wants to see the kid permanently banned from breathing free air.

That is the real story for Maloney, the DCCC and Democrats. A white kid from the Midwest protected himself with a gun against thugs and not only survived, but beat a malicious murder case in spite of having the deck stacked against him.

Jacob Blake has never mattered to the Democratic Party or its grift. Blake was a means to an end for rioters and the people who supported them last year in Kenosha and other cities.

That is why the fact that the armed Blake survived a police shooting wasn’t even important enough for Maloney to remember.

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