Dem GA Senate Candidate Warnock Has a Problem Paying Taxes and Bills, Records Show


The Rev. Raphael Warnock, a radical Democratic Senate candidate in Georgia, was hit with personal tax liens four times in recent years for being either unwilling or unable to pay the trash collection bill at one of his properties, according to a report Monday.

As if Georgia’s voters didn’t need another reason to refrain from casting their ballots for Warnock on Tuesday when they head to the polls for the state’s Senate runoff elections, National Review reported he racked up and didn’t pay for $2,595 worth of waste disposal services multiple years beginning in 2010.

Should the Democrat defeat GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler, he could be a catalyst to a new era of government in which some rights are cost-prohibitive for Americans. Warnock’s potential votes in the Senate likely would assist his party in waging a war on police, funding more abortions, attacking the Second Amendment and raising taxes on working families.

According to records obtained by National Review, though, Warnock didn’t even pay some of his own bills in 2010, 2012, 2015 and 2016. Those scores are settled now, but they raise some concerns beyond the obvious.

Warnock already isn’t the kind of guy who should be dictating the country’s policies for years to come. We know he might be willing to ask taxpayers to foot the bill for his party’s radical agenda — but he reportedly couldn’t be bothered to settle up his own refuse bill.

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The reverend had a propensity toward not paying his bills, and that also extends to his church, Ebenezer Baptist in Atlanta.

National Review reported that eight properties owned by Warnock’s church also have been charged with either late payments or interest fees with regard to property taxes since 2013.

But it gets worse for the pro-Cuba, pro-abortion and anti-gun leftist.

The Daily Caller reported that the voter registration group the New Georgia Project was hit with liens totaling $7,800 from 2017 and 2020. During those years, the organization was chaired by Warnock.

Do you think the GOP will keep its Senate majority?

Add that all up and if the reports are accurate, there appears to be a very clear pattern linking Warnock to dodging paying for basic services and tax payments. Sure, some Americans struggle to pay the bills. But Warnock shouldn’t be among them with a net worth estimated to be between $555,000 and $1.3 million.

According to a Securities and Exchange Commission financial disclosure form filed last August, Warnock is paid quite handsomely for his work as both a speaker and a reverend. Most Americans would love the opportunity to earn $12,000 to say some words at Syracuse University, as Warnock did last January.

Warnock also reported a base income of $275,000 during the last calendar year prior to the filing.

Despite being a high earner with a number of high-value mutual funds and other investments, Warnock wants to help his fellow Democrats enact a socialist agenda with Americans’ tax dollars.

He reportedly found himself delinquent in his financial obligations throughout the years — which is no small thing — and now he essentially wants to manage the country’s financial affairs.

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Remember, Warnock already was linked to an alleged child abuse scandal at a church camp he presided over in Maryland. One child under Warnock’s care in 2002 said he was doused with urine after being forced to sleep outside at the summer camp. Warnock was arrested but never charged with a crime.

The radical leftist also had ties to a church that cheered the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and was linked to a very recent and nasty domestic dispute with his ex-wife, Ouleye Warnock. That was after he reportedly laughed at Christians who feel inclined to carry concealed weapons into their churches so they can defend themselves from becoming potential massacre victims.

Georgians should take the National Review report and the others that call Warnock’s character into account seriously. The red flags are everywhere for people watching the Peach State closely Tuesday — those of us who know that what happens in Georgia will affect every American.

If both Warnock and fellow Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff win their runoff races, the GOP, no matter how ineffectual the party appears at times, will lose its grasp on the upper chamber.

With such a loss, we might face losing the America we’ve always known. We could turn a corner we can never come back from, and that could all come down to a man who, if reports are true, didn’t pay the trash man or the taxman he wants to come knocking on your door.

Warnock should be sent back to his Atlanta church and his comfortable salary on Tuesday. A man of such questionable character has no business anywhere near the Senate.

The Warnock campaign did not return a request for comment from the Daily Caller.

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