Jon Ossoff, AOC Stick Up for White Supremacist Murderer Dylann Roof


A couple of Democrats seem to be returning to their party’s roots by sticking up for a known white supremacist.

On Tuesday, Dylan Roof, the white supremacist responsible for the 2015 massacre of nine black church members in South Carolina, appealed his death sentence conviction, citing mental illness, according to NBC News.

Only two days later, New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Georgia Democratic Sen. candidate Jon Ossoff called for the death penalty to be abolished on Twitter.

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The two politicians’ reactions were likely not in response to Roof, but rather Brandon Bernard.

Liberals and leftists are rallying behind Bernard, arguing his execution qualifies as murder, omitting the fact that his sentence was given in response to Bernards’s role in the brutal double murder of two youth ministers as described in a United States Department of Justice report.

Should Dylan Roof be executed for his crimes?

Regardless of what promoted the two liberals’ Twitter posts, their anti-death penalty stance is to the benefit of both Bernard and Roof.

According to like-minded leftists, conservatives are hypocritical for supporting the death penalty while also describing themselves as “pro-life.”

The suggestion here being that the “pro-life” stance in this instance would be to stop Dylan Roof’s execution.

Conservatives who support Roof’s death penalty conviction don’t do so as a rebuke towards the sanctity of life.

Instead, they support such a punishment precisely because they believe the nine black lives Roof brutally murdered deserve justice.

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Roof isn’t being killed arbitrarily.

His sentence, and other death sentences for similarly heinous crimes, is a testament to the sanctity of life, showing that the reckless destruction of life must come with a heavy cost.

In addition to this sentiment, the left’s calls for abolishing the death penalty are laughable given how little respect they have for those within the womb.

“You mean you want to abolish the death penalty for convicted murderers. You’re still totally in favor of executing babies,” Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh said in response to AOC.

If life was of any consequence to leftists, they would condemn the ongoing mass murder of innocent children in the womb.

Likewise, the life of a mass-murdering white supremacist wouldn’t be so important to them.

The left constantly loves to remind the world how much they hate white supremacists.

When it comes to this mass murdering white supremacist, it seems as though our side is the only one arguing Roof be held responsible for his actions.

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