Dem Strategist Goes Off on Own Party's Despicable Treatment of Kavanaugh


Brian Dean Wright is a former CIA operations officer and a contributor on Fox News.

While he makes his career as a Democratic strategist, it’s unclear just how long Democrats will let him keep his liberal card.

As the left goes over the post-mortem of their failed Kavanaugh takedown, it certainly doesn’t help them tend their fresh gaping wounds when one of their own rubs salt in them.

In fact, Wright does more than rub salt into the wounds of Democrats. He surgically dissects their failed strategies, in public, on conservative news outlets like Fox News, and he holds nothing back in his analysis.

Wright wrote an Op-Ed for Fox News on Monday that is burning up the airwaves and internet, and what he said will have liberals self-combusting.

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“The strategy that the Democrats employed has backfired” in terms of using the Kavanaugh hearings to overtake the midterm elections, he explained.

“Well, I think what we saw at the beginning of August we had an opportunity to do the right thing, which was work with Republicans quietly, privately investigate those allegations not in the public domain, not do a fact-finding mission in front of cameras, but to do it discretely,” he explained on “Fox & Friends” Monday morning.

“And instead we used those allegations at the last possible minute. We rallied up our base and frankly we traumatized a whole bunch of people. Not just Miss Ford, but a lot of folks in America who suffered from sexual assault. So, that is the strategy I found appalling watching these last couple of months.”

Did the Democrats miscalculate strategy to take midterm elections by attacking Justice Kavanaugh?

And because of the failed Democrat strategy, Wright thinks there will not be a blue wave as Democrats have previously boasted, but a very tight race with a slight advantage for Trump. He feels independents will come home to support Republicans in the midterms.

And so the entire Kavanaugh strategy executed to take him down in his confirmation hearings “has backfired” according to Wright.

Wright wrote in his op-ed that liberals “are bleeding out” and they have no one to blame but themselves. Hopes of taking the House, let alone the Senate, are a bust.

“The party is gravely wounded. They are bleeding out.”

“Surveys show that the once-formidable Democratic lead in generic polls has collapsed. The Senate seats in North Dakota, Texas, and Tennessee are all but lost. Prospects of a Democratic House have fallen too.”

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“Progressives have no one to blame but themselves, of course. For the past two months, the Democratic machinery has launched blistering attacks on Kavanaugh that have utterly backfired.”

And he takes particularly sharp aim at Senator Dianne Feinstein for orchestrating a losing and devious plan of attack on Kavanaugh.

“The most embarrassing theatrics were those orchestrated by Judiciary Chairwoman Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California. Her pièce de résistance was planting a faded actress-come-agitator behind Justice Kavanaugh in a transparent attempt to curry favor with the #MeToo movement. Yet the obviousness of Sen. Feinstein’s pandering made the actress – Ms. Alyssa Milano – look to be nothing more than a prop in a stage play,” Wright said.


He also attacked Senator Corey Booker for his ineptitude at grandstanding and declared that the Democratic party has nothing more to pull out of its bag of tricks.

“Fundamentally, there is no Plan B beyond the Plan A culture war that they believed would work, especially among the base and swing voters.

“Alas. Polling data shows that while their tactics certainly riled up progressives, it equally angered conservatives. And, as ever, independents remain a wild card, gently breaking for the GOP as of today but tentative and dispassionate in their support,” said Wright.

This is all music to my ears while it may have the left crying in their beers. I never like to count my chickens before they are hatched, but it’s looking good for the good guys in November.

And if Bryan Dean Wright loses his liberal card over his analysis of The Democratic Debacle of 2018, there is always more room on the right for an honest analyst of the facts.

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