The Democrats Say They Want the Truth About Kavanaugh. They Don't.


President Donald Trump was days away from seeing his second conservative Supreme Court nominee sail through the Senate. The confirmation hearings revealed far more about the Democrats than they did unknown revelations about Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s legal prowess.

The Senate Judiciary Committee was tasked with sending a recommendation to the Senate for a vote. The votes needed for confirmation looked promising. Barring an unexpected surprise, Kavanaugh was going to be the next justice on the Supreme Court.

Then a decades-old sexual assault allegation from Christine Blasey Ford hit. Ford claimed that a drunk, 17-year-old Kavanaugh held her down on a bed at a high school party, tried to remove her clothes and put his hand over her mouth when she tried to scream.

Obviously, these are significant allegations. If proven true, Kavanaugh committed a serious crime.

Initially, the Democrats seemed eager to sort it out. They claimed they wanted to get to the truth. But first, they needed Republicans in the Senate to slow down. To be cautious. Not to rush. Because the truth is what matters more than anything. Right?

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The truth is what’s most important — but Democrats in the Senate are making it clear that finding out the truth is low on their priority list — if it makes the list at all.

If Sen. Dianne Feinstein cared about whether Ford’s allegations are true, she would have come forward in July when she first received them. If Feinstein cared about the truth, she would have asked Kavanaugh about the alleged incident during the confirmation hearings.

Instead, she didn’t ask one question related to Ford at the hearing. Zero. Even during closed sessions, Feinstein didn’t ask Kavanaugh a single question about Ford. And she expects us to believe she cares about the truth?

And it isn’t just Feinstein.

Do you think these accusations are a ploy to take down Kavanaugh?

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are proving they don’t care about the truth, either. If they did, they would ask Kavanaugh the questions that Feinstein did not. Instead, they refused to participate in a conference call with Kavanaugh and the Judiciary Committee.

If Democrats cared about the veracity of Ford’s claims — rather than seeing it simply as an opportunity to smear Kavanaugh and block his confirmation — they would take the opportunity to ask probing questions. They grandstanded and complained until they got a public hearing which, by the way, is no more effective at discovering the truth than the process of being under oath.

And it isn’t just Democrat legislators who don’t care about discovering the truth. Chief political analyst for ABC News, Matthew Dowd, said we must believe Ford. Not because of evidence or facts, but because he is tired of the “he said/she said” narrative. So, according to Dowd, we should believe all stories that are politically expedient, truth be damned.

Peter Daou, a former Clinton advisor with more than 200,000 Twitter followers, tweeted this in response to the allegations:

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Notice what he didn’t say. Dauo didn’t say “believe women when their accusations are TRUE.” He didn’t say to undertake the hard work of searching for the facts. We should just “believe women,” regardless of the facts.

Now Ford, the accuser herself, is refusing to respond to efforts to hear from her directly. The woman who ostensibly came forward to ensure America knows the truth about Kavanaugh is refusing to respond to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s call for her to testify about the allegations. They are giving her the opportunity to tell her story — to tell the truth. And she hasn’t answered.

If liberals and Democrats had a sincere desire to find the truth, they would start by simply acknowledging that they don’t know the truth yet. And if they don’t know the truth yet, then they should be enthusiastic and willing participants in processes that would lead to the truth.

But they aren’t.

They don’t care.

They type “MERRICK GARLAND” on Twitter as if the clues to the veracity of Ford’s claims lie buried within.

They virtue signal, saying we need to “believe women,” all the while forgetting the plethora of ignored women who accused Bill Clinton.

They claim Republicans are hiding the truth, but refuse to pick up the phone and ask questions.

We don’t know the truth about Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh. But one thing is certain: Democrats don’t care about finding out.

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