Democrats Should Be Worried About 2020


For Democrats, something worrisome happened at President Trump’s rally in New Mexico last week.

It wasn’t that the Rio Rancho venue was packed with thousands of people, or that there were just as many thousands of people outside trying to watch the president’s 95-minute speech on a Jumbotron. It was that out of 45,000 people who registered for tickets to the rally, 14,000 said they were Democrats.

Democrats are worried — not only because so many of them from across the political spectrum showed up in New Mexico, but also because Trump is breaking records with fundraising, and it’s picking up steam.

The Republican National Committee just announced it raised a record $23.5 million for Trump’s re-election campaign in August, and now has $53.8 million in cash-on-hand. At $210 million, the president has raised more than all the Democratic presidential candidates combined.

In July, the RNC announced a record $21 million haul, to which Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez responded with a letter to donors that acknowledged the DNC’s growing desperation.

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“I won’t lie to you,” he told them. “These numbers are daunting.”

The response to his plea must not have been very good, because this month Perez is hosting several fundraisers — in Mexico. According to Bloomberg, he’ll participate in three fundraisers in Mexico City on Sept. 28 to try and raise money from American citizens who’ve left the country.

The reason Perez has to go abroad to hunt for donations is obvious. Whether they’re Republicans or Democrats, Americans are realizing that this president is actually doing what he said he would do.

He said he’d be the best jobs president in the history of the United States, and then we achieved the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. Most workers are enjoying increased take-home pay, substantial bonuses, and competing job offers for the first time in their careers. Working Americans have also seen their 401k accounts grow since Trump was elected, as stocks have soared while inflation remains low — a phenomenon that has stumped even the best economists of our time.

Much of this economic success is the result of Trump’s 2017 corporate and individual tax cuts and his swift elimination of unnecessary government regulations — and the rest is due to the progress he’s made in other policy areas.

He also told us on the campaign trail that China was “ripping us off.” Now, with his gutsy trade policies, he’s exposed China as the insidious predator it has acted like for decades, prompting an exodus of manufacturing that has dealt a huge blow to China’s economy.

If it wasn’t for this president, the communist empire would still be profiting from unfair trade practices, stealing U.S. technology, and expanding its nefarious presence in the South China Sea unabated.

He promised a wall along the southern border, and this week we saw it going up. When President Trump visited a construction site in Otay Mesa, California, he announced that 500 miles would be completed by next year.

He said he would do something about the opioid crisis, and in July we learned that for the first time in 29 years, total drug overdoses in America declined by 5 percent. The fake news didn’t say much about President Trump’s bipartisan support for Patients and Communities Act last year, which modernized and expanded addiction treatment programs and funded research into alternative pain medications.

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Ironically, the Democratic presidential candidates, along with the biased news media, are also driving many hard-working, politically-moderate Americans into the arms of the Trump campaign with their radical policy proposals and incessant malice towards the president and his supporters.

“The more Democrats demonize President Trump and his supporters, the more boots we can put on the ground to support him,” said RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, in response to reports about boycotts from Hollywood liberals and their recent publicizing of the personal information of Trump supporters.

Something interesting is happening: as Americans realize that their lives have improved under President Trump, more and more of them are concluding that the good times should continue for another four years.

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Kristin Bianco is a former columnist based on Long Island, New York.