DeSantis Declares Support for 'Freedom Over Faucism' with Massive Event


Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida continues to demonstrate what leadership looks like amid the country’s ongoing epidemic of big government insanity.

The country’s best governor made an appearance Sunday at a mega concert on the state’s Gulf Coast, where he enjoyed himself with fans of country music. DeSantis portrayed the event as a rebuke of government mandates, and particularly, a rebuke of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The governor attended part of the three-day-long Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam in Panama City Beach, along with more than 20,000 other people who didn’t want to remain locked inside, double and double vaccinated, according to reports cited by WTSP-TV. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Luke Bryan and Brad Paisley all performed in front of a raucous crowd during an event that was slated to begin last September.

But as the sun set over the Florida Panhandle, a rock star revealed himself.

Greeted by adoring music lovers, DeSantis said that his state was holding the “largest concert since the pandemic began” in the U.S., and declared it was because “Florida chose freedom over Faucism.”

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DeSantis shared video of the moment on Twitter.

In an earlier post, the governor shared images of thousands of people gathered together.

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“Nothing says Florida is open like a night of live music at the @Pepsi @GulfCoastJam, the largest music festival since the pandemic began,” DeSantis wrote.

Surely such a sight would infuriate Fauci, a man who apparently considers himself a star in his own right. Fauci was crowned as something of a saint by the legacy media and lockdown-happy Democrats last March, and he’s been given power no unelected official should ever have.

But a great many people not named Ron DeSantis long ago grew tired of Fauci’s input, his advice and his never-ending flip-flop statements with regard to virus mitigation. That’s leaving out the damning and recent release of many of his emails.

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In one jarring email obtained by Buzzfeed News through a Freedom of Information Act request, Fauci is reported to have told former Obama administration official Sylvia Burwell last year that a typical mask that might be obtained over the counter wouldn’t be terribly effective at protecting its wearer from COVID.

What did he later do? He went on to spend a year advising that people wear masks. He’s even been seen wearing two masks.

Perhaps Fauci will soon take his curtain call and go away. In the meantime, it’s now clear that in March 2020, a star was born in Florida. On Sunday, that star showed the country two things he’s already displayed to his state’s residents — ever since unelected government bureaucrats tried to take control.

Those two things are leadership and accountability.

DeSantis refused to shutter his state’s economy while blindly listening to so-called “experts” like Dr. Fauci. He also refused to seize power like a tyrant and tell people what to wear on their faces.

He didn’t crumble and defer to Washington, he led.

He’s been leading the whole way, and DeSantis’ presence at the concert on Sunday in Panama City Beach was an encore.

Hopefully, his tour is just kicking off.

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